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Free to Move

Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom

Ilya Somin

Ballot box voting is often considered the essence of political freedom. But, it has two major shortcomings: individual voters have little chance of making a difference, and they also face strong incentives to remain ignorant about the issues at stake. "Voting with your feet," however, avoids both of these pitfalls and offers a wider range of choice...
Publish Date
May 13
Goodreads rating
Feb 27, 2020
That is the new, forthcoming book by my colleague Ilya Somin, due out in May. It is the best book on geographic mobility and exit that has been written to date, and thus I am happy to recommend it heartily.      source
Jan 23, 2021
I found this thesis original and compelling. There’s a book length treatment too, here—>      source