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Improving the Design of Existing Code (2nd Edition)

Martin Fowler

This programming book by Martin Fowler teaches experienced programmers how to improve the design of existing code for better software maintainability. The second edition has been updated with new refactorings and code examples, including JavaScript code and functional examples without classes. Learn what refactoring is, why you should do it, and how to recognize opportunities for it. Build solid tests for your refactorings and recognize the obstacles and tradeoffs involved in the process. Includes free access to the web edition with additional resources.
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The fundamental before/after book. Here’s some code that could be better, here’s how to make it better. The trick to reading this book is to carefully read through every single refactoring pattern and then try to apply it on your code base (you don’t have to commit if it doesn’t fix things). You can’t just blow through it or you won’t really learn it. And you can’t just say “oh, I’ll look up a refactoring when I need it” — because then you don’t know what to look for.      source