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Ten Essays on Fizz Buzz book cover

Ten Essays on Fizz Buzz

Meditations on Python, mathematics, science, engineering, and design

Joel Grus

"Ten Essays on Fizz Buzz" is a unique technical book that covers core Python concepts, software design, mathematics, deep learning, and more, through the lens of 10 Fizz Buzz solutions. Fizz Buzz is a simple problem that has become a litmus test for assessing computer programmers. The book uses code to illustrate its ideas and represents the author's current best thinking about how to solve problems using code. It's a must-read for anyone looking to "level up" their Python or problem solving skills, or simply interested in a grand tour of computer science theory and practical software engineering.
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2/ We discussed a range of topics in programing, data science, and #NLProc including: Joel’s new book, Ten Essays on Fizz Buzz, a book that I enjoyed and from which I picked up many good Python programming gems ⇢ definitely worth a listen 🙌 End/      source