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The Code Breaker book cover

The Code Breaker

Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race

Walter Isaacson

This book is a thrilling account of Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues' revolutionary invention that will allow us to cure diseases and have healthier babies. They created a tool called CRISPR that can edit DNA, opening up a world of medical miracles and moral questions. This book tells the story of Doudna's journey from a girl who loved detective novels to a leading scientist and the ethical considerations and possibilities of this groundbreaking technology.
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The CRISPR gene editing system is one of the coolest and perhaps most consequential scientific breakthroughs of the last decade. I’m familiar with it because of my work at the foundation—we’re funding a number of projects that use the technology—but I still learned a lot from this comprehensive and accessible book about its discovery by Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues. Isaacson does a good job highlighting the most important ethical questions around gene editing.      source
Great book 🤓🤗      source
My holiday book recommendations… What are yours?      source
Today is the birthday of THE CODE BREAKER, the best book I've read in years, a page turner, by the master biographer—@WalterIsaacson No wonder it's the #1 book on Amazon. 🙏 for bringing genetics, genome editing, #CRISPR to the forefront, the life science breakthrough of our era      source
Listened to Lifespan by @davidasinclair with Matthew LaPlane. Excellent book. Full of science, ethics, policy and life. Fits well with @WalterIsaacson Biography on @doudna_lab. A strong recommendation. Biotech is not only the future, it is here with us.      source
Book review: 'The Code Breaker' is a fascinating look at a genetics discovery      source
“...because it is beautiful.” Today’s thought from @WalterIsaacson’s brilliant book THE CODE BREAKER. #CRISPR #medicine #digitalhealth      source