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The Cost of Winning

Global Development Policies and Broken Social Contracts

by Michael H. Cosgrove

In The Cost of Winning, Michael H. Cosgrove describes how the United States used economic policies to contain the Soviet Union during the post-World War n era and how those policies turned a vibrant American economy into one of broken promises and declining power. Cosgrove defines and examines the five economic building blocks used to contain the S...
Publish Date
December 31
I read The Cost of Winning with great interest because it is always valuable to read a political chronicle from the other side. Despite our political differences, I thought Cosgrove’s arguments had a lot of validity. Disturbing as it may be to think that our society is headed for inevitable decline, The Cost of Winning is a shrewd, persuasive account that American society is in for some troubling times. Well done.     source