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The Value of Everything

Making and Taking in the Global Economy

by Mariana Mazzucato

Modern economies reward activities that extract value rather than create it. This must change to insure a capitalism that works for us all.In this scathing indictment of our current global financial system, The Value of Everything rigorously scrutinizes the way in which economic value has been determined and reveals how the difference between value...
Publish Date
September 11
Goodreads rating
Jan 01, 2019
She opens her book with an ironic reminder from Plato’s Republic: Our first business is to supervise the production of stories and choose those we think suitable and reject the rest. She reminds us that controlling the stories we are told is a prime instrument of power, and argues that one of those mind-shaping stories is about the source of value in the economy, where it comes from, who produces it, and who should get the benefits. It’s easy, Mazzucato argues, to believe the stories we have been told are simply true, and to no longer question them. And question them we must, because the stories that rule our economy today are often wrong and, at best, incomplete.     source