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Aubrey Marcus

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Aubrey Marcus is an experimentalist, unconventional fitness junkie, and human optimizer. He is the CEO of Onnit, an optimal human performance company that he has built into one of the fastest growing companies in America.
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Stress Less, Accomplish More book cover
Stress Less, Accomplish More
Meditation for Extraordinary Performance
Emily Fletcher - 2019-02-21
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Learn how to reduce stress and accomplish more with this enlightening book by the founder of Ziva Meditation. Featuring a trifecta of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting, Stress Less, Accomplish More teaches a powerful 15-minute twice-daily plan that can be easily incorporated into busy lives. Designed for working people, this book offers practical exercises and tools to increase productivity, focus, clarity, health, and sleep. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a revitalized you!
Aubrey Marcus
We always feel like we need to stress MORE to accomplish MORE. Well, that’s bullshit. And Stress Less, Accomplish More will tell you all the reasons why.      fuente
The Book of Freedom book cover
The Book of Freedom
Paul Selig - 2018-11-06
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This spiritual book is the third in Paul Selig's acclaimed Mastery Trilogy and offers readers guidance to discover their true selves. Selig's channeled literature, dictated by unseen intellects called the Guides, is celebrated for its psychological insight and intimacy. The Book of Freedom shows readers how to fully express their Divine Self through surrender and acquiescence. This book is a must-read for those seeking spiritual growth and understanding.
Aubrey Marcus
An irrefutable invitation to claim yourself as who you truly are.      fuente
Rise of the Mystics book cover
Rise of the Mystics
Ted Dekker - 2018-10-02
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Embark on an epic adventure with Rachelle Matthews, the prophesied 49th Mystic. Her quest to find five ancient seals takes you on a mind-altering journey between two worlds, where powerful enemies threaten to destroy everything. Will Rachelle succeed and bring peace, or will darkness reign forever? The final volume of this high-stakes adventure will leave you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to dream with Rise of the Mystics.
Aubrey Marcus
Might be the best book I’ve ever read.      fuente
Cómo cambiar tu mente book cover
Cómo cambiar tu mente
Lo que la nueva ciencia de la psicodelia nos enseña sobre la conciencia, la muer
Michael Pollan - 2018-05-17
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Could psychedelic drugs change our worldview? One of America's most admired writers takes us on a mind-altering journey to the frontiers of human consciousness When LSD was first discovered in the 1940s, it seemed to researchers, scientists and doctors as if the world might be on the cusp of psychological revolution. It promised to shed light on the deep mysteries of consciousness, as well as offer relief to addicts and the mentally ill. But in the 1960s, with the vicious backlash against the counter-culture, all further research was banned. In recent years, however, work has quietly begun again on the amazing potential of LSD, psilocybin and DMT. Could these drugs in fact improve the lives of many people? Diving deep into this extraordinary world and putting himself forward as a guinea-pig, Michael Pollan has written a remarkable history of psychedelics and a compelling portrait of the new generation of scientists fascinated by the implications of these drugs. How to Change Your Mind is a report from what could very well be the future of human consciousness.
Aubrey Marcus
Has done a better job than any I’ve read so far on this subject at rationally, calmly, and scientifically exploring just how impactful psychedelics can be for the individual and our culture.      fuente
The 49th Mystic book cover
The 49th Mystic
Ted Dekker - 2018-05-15
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Blind girl Rachelle Matthews discovers a whole new world after a procedure meant to restore her sight goes awry. This two-volume saga follows Rachelle on a high-stakes quest to recover five ancient seals in both worlds before powerful enemies destroy her. Will she succeed and save humanity, or will both worlds be locked in darkness forever? Get ready for a mind-bending adventure full of suspense and intrigue.
Aubrey Marcus
Opens a window to the true mystical and spiritual meaning behind some of the greatest teachings of all time.      fuente
The Book of Truth book cover
The Book of Truth
The Mastery Trilogy
Paul Selig - 2017-06-06
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Discover the radical new way that relationships reveal our true selves in The Book of Truth. Through clairaudient dictation, channeler Paul Selig offers a profound and celebrated expression of channeling that has won a large following around the world. As part of his Mastery Trilogy, this second volume continues the "Teachings of Mastery" and promises the same depth, intimacy, and psychological insight as Selig's previous work.
Aubrey Marcus
Has profoundly changed my life.      fuente
Robar el fuego book cover
Robar el fuego
How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work
Steven Kotler - 2017-02-21
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The author of the bestselling Bold and The Rise of Superman explores altered states of consciousness and how they can ignite passion, fuel creativity, and accelerate problem solving, in this groundbreaking book in the vein of Daniel Pink's Drive and Charles Duhigg's Smarter Faster Better. Why has generating "flow" and getting "into the zone" become the goal of the world's most elite organizations? Why are business moguls attending Burning Man? Why has meditation become a billion-dollar industry? Why are technology gurus turning to psychedelic drugs to unlock creativity? All of these people are seeking to shift their state of mind as a way of unlocking their true potential. Altered states, the authors reveal, sharpen our decision-making capabilities, unleash creativity, fuel cooperation, and let us tap into levels of inspiration and innovation unavailable at all other times. Stealing Fire combines cutting-edge research and firsthand reporting to explore a revolution in human performance—a movement millions of people strong to harness and utilize some of the most misunderstood and controversial experiences in history. Building a bridge between the extreme and the mainstream, this groundbreaking and provocative book examines how the world's top performers—the Navy SEALS, Googlers, Fortune 100 CEOs—are using altered states to radically accelerate performance and massively improve their lives, and how we can too. Ultimately, Stealing Fire is a book about profound possibility—about what is actually possible for ourselves and our species when we unlock the full potential of the human mind.
Aubrey Marcus
Incredibly well written, draws stories from antiquity to the present, and provides the absolute best overview of state shifting practices of any book I have ever encountered.      fuente
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Joe Rogan
El ego es el enemigo (Empresa) book cover
El ego es el enemigo (Empresa)
Ryan Holiday - 2016-06-14
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Es frecuente ver en el entorno los obstáculos para lograr nuestras metas. Sin embargo, hay un poderoso enemigo interior que es en realidad la causa que nos impide avanzar en muchos sentidos: el ego. Al inicio de nuestras carreras, el ego nos impide aprender y desarrollar talentos. Si logramos el éxito, nos ciega al punto que negamos nuestras propias falencias; y ante el fracaso, el ego magnifica cualquier falla y hace más difícil recuperarnos. El ego, en cualquier etapa, es la verdadera traba para nuestro crecimiento personal y profesional. De ahí que en este libro Ryan Holiday nos lleve por poderosas lecciones, tácticas y estrategias de cómo personalidades de diversas ocupaciones y campos consiguieron aplacar su ego (esa versión distorsionada que habían creado de sí mismos) como el primer paso para alcanzar niveles más altos de autoconocimiento e influencia. En una época en la que se privilegia la individualidad y la autopromoción, es necesario entender qué es el ego y cómo dominarlo antes de que domine nuestras vidas. “A menudo se nos dice que para lograr el éxito, necesitamos confianza. Con una franqueza refrescante, Ryan Holiday desafía esa suposición, destacando cómo podemos ganar confianza buscando algo más grande que nuestro propio éxito”. –Adam Grant, autor de Originales “Este libro nos da una receta: la humildad. Está lleno de historias y citas que le ayudarán a salir de su propio camino. Ya sea que esté empezando o comenzando de nuevo, encontrará algo que sacar de aquí”. –Austin Kleon, autor de Roba como un artista “De una manera inspiradora y práctica, Ryan Holiday nos enseña cómo manejar y domesticar nuestro ego, esta bestia insaciable que vive dentro de nosotros para que podamos concentrarnos en lo que realmente importa y producir el mejor trabajo posible”. –Robert Greene, autor de Las 48 leyes del poder
Aubrey Marcus
Filled with unforgettable stories and moments in history that will serve as guide rails to help us when we invariably fall off course.      fuente
Graham Hancock - 2015-11-10
Calificación de Goodreads
"Magicians of the Gods" is a captivating exploration of the global cataclysm that wiped out a great civilization, as well as the evidence supporting it. This sequel from the bestselling author, Graham Hancock, offers three new chapters filled with recent scientific and archaeological discoveries that overwhelmingly support his thesis. This book is perfect for those who want to delve into the mysteries of Earth's lost prehistoric civilization and discover new evidence that can change our understanding of history forever.
Aubrey Marcus
An important book not only for you and I, but humanity as a whole.      fuente
The Toltec Art of Life and Death book cover
The Toltec Art of Life and Death
Living Your Life as a Work of Art
Don Miguel Ruiz - 2015-10-27
Calificación de Goodreads
The Toltec Art of Life and Death takes readers on a mystical journey of spiritual wisdom and awareness, inspired by ancient Toltec teachings. Through the author's personal experience of a near-fatal heart attack, readers will explore the eternal struggle between life and death and the transformative power of spiritual seeking. This profound and intimate glimpse into the inner workings of a master's heart and mind will leave readers grappling with timeless insights and ancient wisdom.
Aubrey Marcus
The author's most powerful book.      fuente
Tripping over the Truth by Travis Christofferson
El obstáculo es el camino by Ryan Holiday
You Are the Placebo by Joe Dispenza
El alquimista by Paulo Coelho
Create Your Own Religion by Daniele Bolelli
Maestría by Robert Greene
Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield
The Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield
En el principio era el sexo by Christopher Ryan
Zero Limits by Joe Vitale
Una Nueva Tierra by Eckhart Tolle
The Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman
El camino del hombre superior. Guía espiritual. EDICIÓN 20 ANIVERSARIO by David Deida
Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand
La Guerra del Arte by Steven Pressfield
La maestría del amor by Don Miguel Ruiz
La isla by Aldous Huxley
Los cuatro acuerdos by Don Miguel Ruiz
The Wheel Of Time by Carlos Castaneda
Las 48 Leyes del Poder by Robert Greene
Zen en el arte del tiro con arco by Eugen Herrigel
The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk
Awakening Spirits by Tom Brown Jr.