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Paul Polman

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Paulus Polman is a Dutch businessman. He is a former Procter & Gamble president for Western Europe. In 2006 Polman joined Nestlé as chief financial officer and became vice president for the Americas in February 2008.
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Values For a Life Economy book cover
Values For a Life Economy
Kim Polman - 2022-08-24
"Values for a Life Economy" begins with the opening of one's love, compassion, and empathy expand from within. ...
Paul Polman
Excellent book Values of a Life Economy is worth a read for all those who want to actively take responsibility to create a better world for all. Thanks for great contribution ⁦@futurereboot⁩      source
The Man Who Broke Capitalism book cover
The Man Who Broke Capitalism
How Jack Welch Gutted the Heartland and Crushed the Soul of Corporate America―and How to Undo His Legacy
David Gelles - 2022-05-31
Goodreads Rating
This book exposes the root cause of what’s wrong with capitalism today, brought about by legendary GE CEO Jack Welch. David Gelles reveals how Welch’s obsession with profit and stock prices at any cost paved the way for a cutthroat era of American capitalism that eviscerated jobs, destabilized the middle class, and led to the greatest socioeconomic inequality since the Great Depression. Through this captivating and revelatory read, Gelles offers urgent advice on how we might right those wrongs, highlighting companies and leaders who have abandoned Welchism and thrive in the business world without destroying livelihoods, gutting communities, and spurning regulation.
Paul Polman
Makes for sobering reading. If some still sing from the alter of greed and shareholder primacy,read this great book by ⁦⁦@dgelles⁩.A sad part of American history hopefully changing. Watch out for those proclaiming “ESG is woke. Unfortunately few of them read this book.      source
Stewards of the Future book cover
Stewards of the Future
A Guide for Competent Boards
Helle Bank Jorgensen - 2022-01-12
Goodreads Rating
Learn how to lead thriving, future-fit organizations in the 21st century with this book. Climate change and ESG issues have become some of the biggest challenges faced by board directors. This book provides practical insights from over 100 world experts on what is required to develop long-term profits and sustainability, including asking the right questions of management on complex issues such as cybersecurity, human trafficking, and supply chain resilience. Discover how leaders with foresight, knowledge, and determination can tackle the daunting challenges that confront all of humankind to guide companies to survive and thrive.
Paul Polman
A great book @HelleBankJorgen that I recommend to anyone who wants to be part of an effective board. Now indeed is the time. Practical , experience based and needed to successfully compete.      source
The Brussels Effect book cover
The Brussels Effect
How the European Union Rules the World
Anu Bradford - 2020-03-02
Goodreads Rating
"The Brussels Effect" argues that despite being perceived as a declining power on the world stage, the European Union remains an influential superpower that shapes the world in its image through regulations that elevate standards worldwide. The book explores how the EU has acquired such power, why multinational companies use EU standards as global standards, and why the EU's role as the world's regulator is likely to outlive its gradual economic decline, extending its influence long into the future.
Paul Polman
An amazingly perceptive book on the importance of Europe in helping shape a new global world order. A must read ⁦@WEF⁩ ⁦@iccwbo⁩ ⁦@wbcsd⁩ ⁦@OECD⁩      source