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Book SeriesBlood on the Tracks

Blood on the Tracks Manga

From Book 1: From the creator who brought you notable works such as The Flowers of Evil, Happiness, and Inside Mari, comes a new suspense drama centering on the theme of a toxic parent. Dive into this latest thriller by master storyteller, Shuzo Oshimi. Seiichi's mother loves him very much, and his days pass with placid regularity. School, friends, even the attention of his attractive classmate Fukiishi. Until one terrible summer day, that all changes...Shuzo Oshimi (The Flowers of Evil) delivers his most unsettling work yet, the tale of a seemingly normal family suddenly swallowed up by the creeping horror of everyday life. Gorgeous art and an understated script only serve to heighten the tension as we watch Seiichi Osabe's life spiral into nightmare.
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 2 book cover
Blood on the Tracks book cover
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 3 book cover
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Blood on the Tracks book cover
Book 1
Blood on the Tracks
Vol. 1
Shuzo Oshimi - 2017-09-08
Goodreads Rating
A seemingly normal family is consumed by the creeping horror of everyday life in this unsettling graphic novel. Follow Seiichi Osabe's story as his placid existence suddenly takes a dark turn. With gorgeous art and an understated script, the tension is heightened as the narrative spirals into nightmare territory. From the author of The Flowers of Evil.
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 2 book cover
Book 2
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 2
Shuzo Oshimi - 2017-12-27
Goodreads Rating
A family is torn apart by unimaginable actions in this gripping novel. As Seiichi grapples with his next moves, he must come to terms with the fact that his home-life is no longer a haven. Shuzo Oshimi's haunting tale will keep you glued to every page.
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 3 book cover
Book 3
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 3
Shuzo Oshimi - 2018-04-27
Goodreads Rating
A psychological horror masterpiece, Blood on the Tracks Vol. 3 delves into the unraveling psyche of Seiichi's mother and the emotional torture he faces amidst his family falling apart. As tension builds, Seiichi is pushed to his breaking point and finds himself unable to speak. Don't miss this captivating and haunting read.
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 4 book cover
Book 4
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 4
Shuzo Oshimi - 2021-01-19 (first published in 2018)
Goodreads Rating
This captivating manga delves into themes of trauma and navigating complex relationships. Seiichi struggles to come to terms with his past while finding solace in a newfound love with Fukiishi. However, his mother's irrational jealousy threatens to destroy everything. Will Seiichi be able to make the right choice and save what he holds dear?
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 5 book cover
Book 5
Blood on the Tracks, Vol. 5
Shuzo Oshimi - 2021-03-30 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Experience the intense coming-of-age tale of Seiichi as he struggles to navigate the complex and conflicting emotions of adolescence. Encouraged by his ally Fukiishi, Seiichi rebels against his mother, but her specter never strays far from his mind. As he fumbles toward sexual awakening, he finds refuge in Fukiishi's room, hidden from watchful eyes. But his mother's desperate search for him leads her to Fukiishi's doorstep, setting the stage for a psychological terror that will leave you breathless.