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SeriesDewey Andreas

Dewey Andreas Series

Dewey Andreas books in order

Former Army Ranger turned elite operative Dewey Andreas is America's best line of defense in the War on Terror in New York Times bestselling author Ben Coes's action-packed thriller series, the Dewey Andreas Novels. Since his first appearance in Power Down Andreas has taken on military and political enemies, both foreign and domestic, on covert-op …
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Power Down book cover
Book 1
Power Down
Ben Coes - 2019-07-11
Goodreads Rating
Introducing a major new thriller writer--in the vein of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor--and an electrifying character, Dewey Andreas. A major North American hydroelectric dam is blown up and the largest off-shore oil field in this hemisphere is destroyed in a brutal, coordinated terrorist attack. But there was one factor that the terrorists didn't take ...
Coup D'Etat book cover
Book 2
Coup D'Etat
A Dewey Andreas Novel (A Dewey Andreas Novel, 2)
Ben Coes - 2012-04-24 (first published in 2011)
Goodreads Rating
Coup d'EtatBen Coes When a fragile peace breaks down between Pakistan and India, the United States is forced to intervene. When a rapidly escalating war threatens to engulf the entire region, the president must find a way to shut it down immediately--or else face total destruction for the world at large.With the clock ticking and Pakistan in the ha...
The Last Refuge book cover
Book 3
The Last Refuge
A Dewey Andreas Novel
Ben Coes - 2012-07-03
Goodreads Rating
With time running out to stop the nuclear destruction of Tel Aviv, Dewey Andreas must defeat his most fearsome opponent yet.Off a quiet street in Brooklyn, New York, Israeli Special Forces commander Kohl Meir is captured by operatives of the Iranian secret service, who smuggle Meir back to Iran, where he is imprisoned, tortured, and prepared for a ...
Eye for an Eye book cover
Book 4
Eye for an Eye
A Dewey Andreas Novel
Ben Coes - 2013-07-09
Goodreads Rating
When assassins kill the person he loves most in the world, Dewey Andreas will risk everything and fight anyone, no matter the cost, for revengeDewey Andreas has been instrumental in stopping a series of deadly terrorist attacks, which hasn’t gone unnoticed in the darkened corners around the world. But when Dewey helps uncover Chinese intelligence’s...
Independence Day book cover
Book 5
Independence Day
A Dewey Andreas Novel
Ben Coes - 2015-05-26
Goodreads Rating
Dewey Andreas, former Delta and newly recruited intelligence agent, is sidelined after screwing up his last two operations. Still drowning in grief after the tragic murder of his fiancé, Dewey has seemingly lost his focus, his edge, and the confidence of his superiors. A high level Russian hacker, known only as Cloud, is believed to be routing larg...
First Strike book cover
Book 6
First Strike
A Thriller (A Dewey Andreas Novel Book 6)
Ben Coes - 2016-06-28
Goodreads Rating
The violent terrorist group ISIS has launched a major military campaign to take over Syria. But as they commit more and more public atrocities, their sources for ammunition are drying up. However, their charismatic and tyrannical leader, Tristan Nazir, has a major card left to play, which will get a new secret shipment of arms underway.Dewey Andrea...
Trap the Devil book cover
Book 7
Trap the Devil
A Thriller (A Dewey Andreas Novel Book 7)
Ben Coes - 2017-06-20
Goodreads Rating
A group of some of the most powerful people in the government, the military, and the private sector, has begun a brutal plan to quietly take over the reins of the U.S. government. They’ve begun to remove the people who stand in their way—and replace them with their own sympathizers and puppets. They’ve already taken out the Speaker of the House—who...
Bloody Sunday book cover
Book 8
Bloody Sunday
A Thriller (A Dewey Andreas Novel)
Ben Coes - 2018-07-31
Goodreads Rating
North Korea, increasingly isolated from most of the rest of the world, is led by an absolute dictator and a madman with a major goal―he's determined to launch a nuclear attack on the United States. While they have built, and continue to successfully test nuclear bombs, North Korea has yet to develop a ballistic missile with the range necessary to a...
The Island book cover
Book 9
The Island
A Thriller (A Dewey Andreas Novel Book 9)
Ben Coes - 2021-08-17
Goodreads Rating
CIA operative Dewey Andreas is America's last line of defense when terrorists take over Manhattan, targeting the U.N. and the President himself in The Island, the latest in this New York Times bestselling series by Ben Coes.America is about to face the deadliest terrorist attack on it's soil since 9/11. Iran has been planning a revenge attack for y...