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SeriesEasy Rawlins

Easy Rawlins Series

Easy Rawlins books in order

The Easy Rawlins mysteries start in post-World War II Los Angeles and quickly progress to modern times. Rawlins has a variety of positions during this period.
15 books in series
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Book 1
Devil in a Blue Dress
Walter Mosley - Jun 17, 1990
Goodreads Rating
Devil in a Blue Dress honors the tradition of the classic American detective novel by bestowing on it a vivid social canvas and the freshest new voice in crime writing in years, mixing the hard-boiled poetry of Raymond Chandler with the racial realism of Richard Wright to explosive effect....
Book 2
A Red Death
An Easy Rawlins Novel
Walter Mosley - Jun 11, 2010 (first published in 1991)
Goodreads Rating
An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here.It's 1953 in Red-baiting, blacklisting Los Angeles, a moral tar pit ready to swallow Easy Rawlins. Easy is out of "the hurting business" and into the housing (and favor) business when a racist IRS agent nails him for tax evasion. Special Agent Darryl T. Craxton, FBI, offers to bail him ou...
Book 3
White Butterfly
Walter Mosley - Oct 01, 2002 (first published in 1992)
Goodreads Rating
The police don't show up on Easy Rawlins's doorstep until the third girl dies. It's Los Angeles, 1956, and it takes more than one murdered black girl before the cops get interested. Now they need Easy. As he says: "I was worth a precinct full of detectives when the cops needed the word in the ghetto." But Easy turns them down. He's married now, a f...
Book 4
Black Betty
An Easy Rawlins Novel (4) (Easy Rawlins Mystery)
Walter Mosley - Nov 01, 2002 (first published in 1994)
Goodreads Rating
1961: For most black Americans, these were times of hope. For former P.I. Easy Rawlins, Los Angeles's mean streets were never meaner...or more deadly. Ordinarily, Easy would have thrown the two bills in the sleazy shamus' face -- the white man who wanted him to find the notorious Black Betty, an ebony siren whose talent for all things rich and male...
Book 5
A Little Yellow Dog
An Easy Rawlins Novel
Walter Mosley - Jun 11, 2010 (first published in 1996)
Goodreads Rating
November 1963: Easy's settled into a steady gig as a school custodian. It's a quiet, simple existence -- but a few moments of ecstasy with a sexy teacher will change all that. When the lady vanishes, Easy's stuck with a couple of corpses, the cops on his back, and a little yellow dog who's nobody's best friend. With his not-so-simple past snapping ...
Book 6
Gone Fishin'
An Easy Rawlins Novel (6) (Easy Rawlins Mystery)
Walter Mosley - Sep 17, 2002 (first published in 1997)
Goodreads Rating
It’s 1939 and Easy and Mouse are young men just setting out in life—Easy has yet to develop his skill for unraveling the secrets of others, and Mouse has yet to kill his first man. But all that will soon change.In the beginning there was Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins and Raymond "Mouse" Alexander, two young men setting out in life, hitting the road in a "...
Book 7
Bad Boy Brawly Brown
An Easy Rawlins Mystery
Walter Mosley - Jul 01, 2003 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
Easy Rawlins is out of the investigation business and as far away from crime as a black man can be in 1960s Los Angeles. But living around desperate men means life gets complicated sometimes. When an old friend gets in enough trouble to ask for Easy's help, he finds he can't refuse.Young Brawly Brown has traded in his family for The Clan of the Fir...
Book 8
Six Easy Pieces
Easy Rawlins Stories
Walter Mosley - Sep 01, 2003
Goodreads Rating
Walter Mosley's bestselling and award-winning novels -- from Gone Fishin' to Devil in a Blue Dress, named one of the "100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century" by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association -- have endeared him to legions of readers from a U.S. president to everyday people who can't get enough of Easy Rawlins. Now from the bestse...
Book 9
Little Scarlet
A Novel (Easy Rawlins Book 9)
Walter Mosley - Jul 05, 2004
Goodreads Rating
Walter Mosley delivers at last the compelling master work everyone's been waiting for--a novel so intriguing, so soulful, so unstoppably dramatic that it will rank among the classic mysteries of our time.At the height of the riots that cripple LA in the summer of 1965, a white man is pulled from his car by a mob and escapes into a nearby apartment ...
Book 10
Cinnamon Kiss
A Novel (Easy Rawlins Book 10)
Walter Mosley - Sep 01, 2005
Goodreads Rating
It is the Summer of Love and Easy Rawlins is contemplating robbing an armored car. It's farther outside the law than Easy has ever traveled, but his daughter, Feather, needs a medical treatment that costs far more than Easy can earn or borrow in time. And his friend, Mouse, tells him it's a cinch. Then another friend, Saul Lynx, offers him a job th...
Book 11
Blonde Faith
Walter Mosley - Oct 10, 2007
Goodreads Rating
Easy Rawlins, L.A.'s most reluctant detective, comes home one day to find Easter, the daughter of his friend Chrismas Black, left on his doorstep. Easy knows that this could only mean that the ex-marine Black is probably dead, or will be soon. Easter's appearance is only the beginning, as Easy is immersed in a sea of problems. The love of his life ...
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