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SeriesMeg Langslow

Meg Langslow Series

Meg Langslow books in order

Meg Langslow is a successful decorative blacksmith and an exceptional amateur sleuth. The series is set in Yorktown, Virginia. Murder with Peacocks, won the St. Martin's Minotaur Best First Traditional Mystery contest, the Agatha, Anthony, Barry, and Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice awards for best first novel, and the Lefty award for funniest myst…
Murder with Puffins book cover
Murder with Peacocks book cover
Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos book cover
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Murder with Peacocks book cover
Book 1
Murder with Peacocks
Donna Andrews - 2000-01-15 (first published in 1999)
Goodreads Rating
Three Weddings...And a MurderSo far Meg Langslow's summer is not going swimmingly. Down in her small Virginia hometown, she's maid of honor at the nuptials of three loved ones--each of whom has dumped the planning in her capable hands. One bride is set on including a Native American herbal purification ceremony, while another wants live peacocks on...
Murder with Puffins book cover
Book 2
Murder with Puffins
Donna Andrews - 2001-06-15 (first published in 2000)
Goodreads Rating
Winner of the St. Martin's Malice Domestic Award in 1997 for her first work Murder With Peacocks, Donna Andrews brings back her zany characters and disastrous events.In an attempt to get away from her family, Meg and her boyfriend go to a tiny island off the coast of Maine. What could have been a romantic getaway slowly turns into disaster. Once th...
Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos book cover
Book 3
Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos
Donna Andrews - 2002-11-18 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
Every year, Yorktown, Virginia, relives its role in the Revolutionary War by celebrating the anniversary of the British surrender in 1781. This year, plans include a re-enactment of the original battle and a colonial craft fair. Meg Langslow has returned to her home town for the festivities--and to sell her wrought-iron works of art. Except, of cou...
Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon book cover
Book 4
Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon
Donna Andrews - 2006-02-07 (first published in 2002)
Goodreads Rating
Poor Meg Langslow. She's blessed in so many ways. Michael, her boyfriend, is a handsome, delightful heartthrob who adores her. She's a successful blacksmith, known for her artistic wrought-iron creations. But somehow Meg's road to contentment is more rutted and filled with potholes than seems fair. There are Michael's and Meg's doting but demanding...
We'll Always Have Parrots book cover
Book 5
We'll Always Have Parrots
Donna Andrews - 2006-02-07 (first published in 2003)
Goodreads Rating
Meg Langslow knew the fan convention for her actor-boyfriend's hit television series was going to be the ultimate in weird. But she came along because she figured Michael could use an occasional dose of sanity-and because it was an inspired place to sell her hand-crafted weapons. And so far, she was dealing pretty well with the costumed fans camped...
Owls Well That Ends Well book cover
Book 6
Owls Well That Ends Well
Donna Andrews - 2005-04-01
Goodreads Rating
Meg Langslow was actually looking forward to renovating the old Victorian mansion she and her boyfriend Michael bought. But she wasn't thrilled by the lifetime of junk accumulated by the house's eccentric previous owner, Edwina Sprocket. The easiest solution: hold the end-all and be-all of gigantic yard sales. But when the event attracts the late M...
No Nest for the Wicket book cover
Book 7
No Nest for the Wicket
Donna Andrews - 2007-06-26
Goodreads Rating
Croquet is a genteel game, usually played on a summer afternoon on a tranquil green lawn. Extreme Croquet is a whole other story. That's what Meg Langslow and her new friends are playing on the several-acre farm of her new neighbor, a countryside studded with rocks, steep hills, and placid, seemingly immovable cows. While this society game can get ...
The Penguin Who Knew Too Much book cover
Book 8
The Penguin Who Knew Too Much
Donna Andrews - 2007-08-07
Goodreads Rating
Hold on to your hats, everybody!  Donna Andrews is taking us on another ride into the wonderful world of Meg Langslow, a world filled with laughter as well as the knotty problems Meg always seems to encounter and---somehow---solve. Okay, maybe there are people in Antarctica with penguins in their basements, but in Virginia?  Only Meg's dad could ma...
Cockatiels at Seven book cover
Book 9
Cockatiels at Seven
Donna Andrews - 2009-06-30
Goodreads Rating
It’s time for more outrageous and feathered fun in the award-winning, laugh-out-loud Meg Langslow series....
Six Geese A-Slaying book cover
Book 10
Six Geese A-Slaying
A Meg Langslow Christmas Mystery (Meg Langslow Mysteries Book 10)
Donna Andrews - 2008-10-28
Goodreads Rating
Meg and Michael’s house is serving as the marshaling point for the annual Caerphilly Christmas parade. The theme is “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and it features twelve drummers from the school marching band, eleven bagpipers, ten leaping lords costumed in medieval finery from the college drama department, etc. There are also assorted Christmas-t...
Swan for the Money book cover
Swan for the Money
Donna Andrews - 2009-07-21
Stork Raving Mad by Donna Andrews
The Real Macaw by Donna Andrews
Some Like It Hawk by Donna Andrews
Hen of the Baskervilles by Donna Andrews
Duck the Halls by Donna Andrews
The Good, the Bad, and the Emus by Donna Andrews
The Nightingale Before Christmas by Donna Andrews
Lord of the Wings by Donna Andrews
Die Like an Eagle by Donna Andrews
Gone Gull by Donna Andrews
How the Finch Stole Christmas! by Donna Andrews
Toucan Keep a Secret by Donna Andrews
Lark! The Herald Angels Sing by Donna Andrews
Terns of Endearment by Donna Andrews
Owl Be Home for Christmas by Donna Andrews
The Falcon Always Wings Twice by Donna Andrews
The Gift of the Magpie by Donna Andrews
Murder Most Fowl by Donna Andrews
The Twelve Jays of Christmas by Donna Andrews
Round Up the Usual Peacocks by Donna Andrews
Dashing Through the Snowbirds by Donna Andrews