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SeriesSunny Randall

Sunny Randall Series

Sunny Randall books in order

Sunny Randall, a private eye in Boston, Massachusetts:
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Family Honor book cover
Book 1
Family Honor
Robert B. Parker - 2000-11-01 (first published in 1999)
Goodreads Rating
"Family Honor" features Sunny Randall, a sharp and tough Boston private investigator. When hired to locate a wealthy family's teenage daughter, Sunny is faced with preconceived notions of what a detective should be. After tracking the runaway to a life of prostitution, Sunny becomes the unexpected guardian of the troubled teen. But things escalate when Sunny is caught in a shooting war with dangerous mobsters and must navigate a criminal conspiracy that reaches to the top of state government. A gripping tale of crime and unlikely alliances, "Family Honor" is a must-read for fans of American crime fiction.
Perish Twice book cover
Book 2
Perish Twice
Robert B. Parker - 2001-11-01 (first published in 2000)
Goodreads Rating
A Boston P.I. must navigate three dangerous situations, each involving a different woman - one for business, one for a friend, and one for family - all of which could be fatal. From the creator of Spenser, this gripping novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Shrink Rap book cover
Book 3
Shrink Rap
Robert B. Parker - 2003-09-30 (first published in 2002)
Goodreads Rating
In "Shrink Rap," Sunny Randall takes on the task of protecting a bestselling author from her stalking ex-husband, who also happens to be a psychiatrist. But when Sunny becomes his patient, she uncovers more about her own psychology than she does about the criminal mind. This suspenseful novel delivers a unique twist on the crime genre, highlighting the complexity of human behavior.
Melancholy Baby book cover
Book 4
Melancholy Baby
Robert B. Parker - 2005-10-04 (first published in 2004)
Goodreads Rating
A private detective takes on a case for a young woman searching for her birth parents and uncovers dangerous secrets that could shake her own past. Secrets, danger, and the search for identity make for a thrilling mystery in Melancholy Baby.
Blue Screen book cover
Book 5
Blue Screen
Robert B. Parker - 2006-06-13
Goodreads Rating
A Boston P.I. uncovers the dark secrets of a rising starlet's glamorous lifestyle while working as her bodyguard, hired by a C-list movie mogul. When the starlet's sister is found dead, the investigation leads to seedy complications and revealing the underbelly of Buddy Bollen's entertainment empire. How far will Sunny Randall go to uncover the truth and bring justice, and at what cost to herself?
Spare Change book cover
Book 6
Spare Change
Robert B. Parker - 2007-01-01
Goodreads Rating
A retired cop must team up with his daughter, a Boston P.I., to crack a 30-year-old case involving a serial murderer dubbed "The Spare Change Killer." As they hunt down a suspect, Sunny begins to suspect that he's their man, but she must convince her father and the rest of the task force before it's too late. When the killer starts targeting victims that eerily resemble Sunny, she must use all her skills to draw him out before she becomes the next victim.
Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud book cover
Book 7
Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud
Mike Lupica - 2018-11-27
Goodreads Rating
A thrilling mystery novel that follows the story of PI Sunny Randall as she races to protect her ex-husband and his Mafia family from a vengeful rival. When Richie is shot and nearly killed, Sunny is dragged into the thick of his family's business as she searches for answers and tries to stave off a mob war. As the bullets start flying, Sunny finds herself targeted by the mastermind of the plot against the Burke family. Will she be able to uncover the truth and bring justice to those involved?
Robert B. Parker's Grudge Match book cover
Book 8
Robert B. Parker's Grudge Match
Mike Lupica - 2020-05-05
Goodreads Rating
In "Grudge Match", Sunny Randall is back on a case that blurs the line between friend and foe. She must track down the missing girlfriend of her long-time gangster associate, despite their shaky history. But when a witness is murdered, it's clear that someone will go to any lengths to keep the woman from being found. This thrilling mystery explores loyalty, power, and the consequences of crossing the wrong people.
Robert B. Parker's Payback book cover
Book 9
Robert B. Parker's Payback
Mike Lupica - 2021-05-04
Goodreads Rating
In this thrilling mystery, PI Sunny Randall takes on two dangerous cases that ultimately converge into one deadly mystery. When her best friend's restaurant is taken over by a predatory loan, Sunny delves into the life of the shady hedge fund manager responsible, uncovering a network of dangerous criminals in the process. Meanwhile, she is asked to help a college student who seems to be withholding critical information about a crime. As Sunny investigates, the two cases become intertwined, leading to a chaotic and dangerous situation. Get ready for a page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
Robert B. Parker's Revenge Tour book cover
Book 10
Robert B. Parker's Revenge Tour
Mike Lupica - 2022-05-03
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling investigation follows Robert B. Parker's PI Sunny Randall as she delves into the mysterious disappearance of best-selling author Melanie Joan Hall's fortune. With a Netflix series and a wildly popular new series of books for girls, Melanie's rise to stardom is threatened by a dead manager and a turbulent past, all while testing her friendship with Sunny. Discover the truth in this gripping new novel.