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Tier One Series

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TIER ONE - DEFINITION: Elite, covert, special missions units tasked with conducting counter-terrorism activities, strike operations, reconnaissance in denied areas, and special intelligence missions. Their existence is often denied. In war, there are cowards and heroes. Warriors and martyrs. Victors and the vanquished. Some of these men are celebra…
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Tier One book cover
Book 1
Tier One
Brian Andrews - 2016-09-01
Goodreads Rating
Tier One follows the story of John Dempsey, a former Navy SEAL named Jack Kemper, who is thrown into the world of espionage after a devastating terrorist attack. His new mission is to hunt down those responsible for the tragedy, but he must navigate the shadowy realm of spies and figure out how to balance duty and revenge while preserving his soul. As he travels the world to prevent a new attack, the question remains: Can a Tier One Navy SEAL become the world's most lethal spy?
War Shadows book cover
Book 2
War Shadows
Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson - 2017-02-21
Goodreads Rating
Follow former Navy SEAL John Dempsey as he takes on his newest mission with Ember, the US's top covert counterterrorism group, in the second installment of the Tier One series. Dempsey and his team race against time to stop a nefarious nemesis who strikes from the shadows, deploying a series of attacks that threaten the safety of the homeland. From the deserts of Iraq to the jungles of Guatemala and the streets of suburbia, this thrilling action-packed novel will keep readers on the edge of their seats as Dempsey becomes the country's most lethal defender.
Crusader One book cover
Book 3
Crusader One
Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson - 2017-12-05
Goodreads Rating
An ultracovert antiterror unit mobilizes to strike back against a deadly act of terrorism that rocks American and Israeli intelligence forces. Former Navy SEAL and Tier One operator, John Dempsey, leads the charge on a mission of vengeance against the Iranian terrorist mastermind who took the lives of his comrades. With missiles flying and the highest stakes yet, Dempsey's do-or-die quest must succeed to avoid World War III.
American Operator book cover
Book 4
American Operator
A Tier One Story (Tier One Thrillers)
Jeffrey Wilson - 2018-11-06
Goodreads Rating
American Operator is a thriller novel by Jeffrey Wilson that centers around a shocking attack that leaves the US Ambassador to Turkey dead and an undercover CIA agent, Amanda Allen, in the hands of brutal terrorists. The President turns to America's premier black-ops task force, Ember, and its deadliest weapon, former Tier One Navy SEAL John Dempsey, to rescue Allen before she reaches her breaking point. However, Allen is just a pawn in a much larger game, and a new threat has been unleashed. The balance of power for the entire Middle East now rests on Dempsey and his team's shoulders. Game on.
Red Specter book cover
Book 5
Red Specter
Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson - 2019-11-05
Goodreads Rating
In this thrilling Tier One novel, former Navy SEAL John Dempsey takes on the Russian criminal underground in a dangerous game of strike and counterstrike. But when Dempsey falls into a trap orchestrated by a secret Russian task force, his only hope is to take on Zeta and eliminate their ultimate adversary. The line between espionage, counterterrorism, and spec ops blurs in this riveting tale of survival.
Collateral book cover
Book 6
Jeffrey Wilson, Brian Andrews - 2020-09-01
Goodreads Rating
This gripping thriller follows John Dempsey and his team after a surprise attack on their secret compound by Russian covert operators. As Russian spymaster Arkady Zhukov works to destabilize Ukraine and seize control of the Black Sea, Dempsey and his team are tasked with eliminating every Zeta agent worldwide. But when American and Russian covert operations clash in Kiev, the situation quickly escalates, putting the world in danger of falling to its knees. Will Task Force Ember be able to stop Russia before it's too late?