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Dan Simmons grew up in various cities and small towns in the Midwest, including Brimfield, Illinois, which was the source of his fictional "Elm Haven" in 1991's SUMMER OF NIGHT and 2002's A WINTER HAUNTING. Dan received a B.A. in English from Wabash College in 1970, winning a national Phi Beta Kappa Award during his senior year for excellence in fiction, journalism and art. Dan received his Masters in Education from Washington University in St. Louis in 1971. He then worked in elementary education for 18 years—2 years in Missouri, 2 years in Buffalo, New York—one year as a specially trained BOCES "resource teacher" and another as a sixth-grade teacher—and 14 years in Colorado. ABOUT DAN Biographic Sketch His last four years in teaching were spent creating, coordinating, and teaching in APEX, an extensive gifted/talented program serving 19 elementary schools and some 15,000 potential students. During his years of teaching, he won awards from the Colorado Education Association and was a finalist for the Colorado Teacher of the Year. He also worked as a national language-arts consultant, sharing his own "Writing Well" curriculum which he had created for his own classroom. Eleven and twelve-year-old students in Simmons' regular 6th-grade class averaged junior-year in high school writing ability according to annual standardized and holistic writing assessments. Whenever someone says "writing can't be taught," Dan begs to differ and has the track record to prove it. Since becoming a full-time writer, Dan likes to visit college writing classes, has taught in New Hampshire's Odyssey writing program for adults, and is considering hosting his own Windwalker Writers' Workshop.Dan's first published story appeared on Feb. 15, 1982, the day his daughter, Jane Kathryn, was born. He's always attributed that coincidence to "helping in keeping things in perspective when it comes to the relative importance of writing and life."Dan has been a full-time writer since 1987 and lives along the Front Range of Colorado—in the same town where he taught for 14 years—with his wife, Karen, his daughter, Jane, (when she's home from Hamilton College) and their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Fergie. He does much of his writing at Windwalker—their mountain property and cabin at 8,400 feet of altitude at the base of the Continental Divide, just south of Rocky Mountain National Park. An 8-ft.-tall sculpture of the Shrike—a thorned and frightening character from the four Hyperion/Endymion novels—was sculpted by an ex-student and friend, Clee Richeson, and the sculpture now stands guard near the isolated cabin.
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Vengeance - Tome 1 book cover
Vengeance - Tome 1
Dan SIMMONS - 2021-03-25
Ancien détective privé, Joe Kurtz a passé onze ans de sa vie en prison à cause d'une affaire qui a mal tourné. Il est contacté à sa sortie par un vieux parrain de la mafia, don Farino, qui le lance sur les traces de son comptable qui a subitement disparu. Surveillé par Farino et sa bande, pisté par l'inspecteur Hathaway et traqué par des tueurs, Jo...
L'Épée de Darwin book cover
L'Épée de Darwin
Dan SIMMONS - 2021-03-18
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling mystery follows Darwin Minor, a crash reconstruction expert, as he investigates a seemingly perplexing crash. As he delves deeper, he uncovers a specialized insurance scam operation and becomes the target of Russian assassins. With ties to his own tragic past, Darwin must navigate a dangerous web of deceit and determine the true cause of the crash.
Revanche - Tome 2 book cover
Revanche - Tome 2
Dan SIMMONS - 2021-03-18
Après plusieurs années de réclusion pour avoir défenestré le tueur de sa femme, le détective privé Joe Kurtz sort de prison, certain d'en avoir fini avec la mafia. Mais Petit H, dernier représentant du clan Farino, se montre déterminé à prendre sa revanche sur lui. Traqué, manipulé par une femme trop jeune pour être veuve, le détective n'a qu'une s...
Une balle dans la tête - Tome 3 book cover
Une balle dans la tête - Tome 3
Dan SIMMONS - 2021-03-18
Au cours d'une fusillade, Joe Kurtz est touché d'une balle dans la tête alors qu'une flic succombe. Il parvient à s'enfuir de l'hôpital mais est accusé de meurtre : n'aurait-il pas été touché par erreur au cours d'une affaire qu'il aurait lui-même orchestrée ? Qui était réellement visé ? Kurtz est bientôt traqué par la police, la mafia et un psycho...
Bifrost n° 101 book cover
Bifrost n° 101
Dossier Dan Simmons (Revue Bifrost) (French Edition)
Dan Simmons - 2021-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Bifrost n° 101 is a collection of thrilling short stories by various talented authors. The tales range from a world where drugs transport you to alternate realities, to a server's interactions with a dragon. Dan Simmons' story takes a look at two strange and eerie bites. Get ready for an intense read with Bifrost n° 101.
Elm Haven book cover
Elm Haven
Zwei Romane in einem Band (German Edition)
Dan Simmons - 2019-03-11
Goodreads Rating
Elm Haven is a horror novel set in the summer of 1960 in Elm Haven, Illinois. The heat is unbearable, but it's the summer of a lifetime for five friends: Mike, Duane, Dale, Harlen, and Kevin. What they don't know is that something sinister is lurking in the basement of their school. As the events of that summer unfold, a bond between the friends is forged by shared terror. Elm Haven is a classic of American horror literature, and includes the novels Summer of Night and A Winter's Haunting.
Flight or Fright book cover
Flight or Fright
Stephen King - 2018-09-04
Goodreads Rating
Flight or Fright brings together a collection of terrifying, fast-paced tales about the dangers of flying. Co-curated by Stephen King and Bev Vincent, this anthology includes an introduction and story notes by King, as well as new stories from King and Joe Hill. Featuring classic stories from writers such as Ray Bradbury and Roald Dahl, Flight or Fright is the perfect read for those who enjoy a good scare, especially during turbulent flights.
Recommended by
Stephen King
Hard Freeze book cover
Hard Freeze
Dan Simmons - 2015-04-28
The Fifth Heart book cover
The Fifth Heart
Dan Simmons - 2015-03-24
Goodreads Rating
"Step into the intriguing world of historical fiction as Sherlock Holmes and Henry James team up to solve the mystery of a wealthy socialite's death in 1893 America. The duo suspects foul play as they uncover hidden details that could affect the nation's history. As the investigation progresses, they encounter a sinister force that could be controlling their fate. But with Holmes believed to be a fictional character, can they trust their own reality? Unravel the clues in this thrilling tale of mystery and deception."
Parallàxis by Dan Simmons, Ray Bradbury, Kelly Link, Emanuele Kraushaar, Antonio Caronia
Freak Show (The Horror Writers Association Presents) by Craig Shaw Gardner, Rex Miller, Nancy Kilpatrick, Dan Simmons, Kathryn Ptacek, Yvonne Navarro, Chet Williamson, Thomas F. Monteleone, R. Patrick Gates
Space Opera by Rich Horton
The Martian by Andy Weir
Darker Passions by Edward Bryant
Nightmare Magazine 14 by Nightmare Magazine, John Joseph Adams, Dan Simmons, Brooke Bolander, Alison Littlewood, Dale Bailey, Melanie Tem, Nancy Kilpatrick
The Abominable by Dan Simmons
Speaking of the Fantastic by Darrell Schweitzer
The Guiding Nose of Ulfant Banderoz by Dan Simmons
Hardcase by Dan Simmons
Flashback by Dan Simmons
O Terror - Volume 2 by Dan Simmons
Ruby/Gem S.T.R.E.A.M.M. Poetry by Dan Simmons
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
O Terror - Volume 1 by Dan Simmons
Bloodsuckers by Otto Penzler
Darkness by Ellen Datlow
Black Hills by Dan Simmons
Songs of the Dying Earth by George R.R. Martin
Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston
Drood by Dan Simmons
Muse of Fire by Dan Simmons
The Living Dead by John Joseph Adams
Hyperion & Edymion #3 by Dan Simmons
Hypérion 2 by Dan SIMMONS
The New Space Opera by Gardner Dozois, Jonathan Strahan
Olympos by Dan Simmons
Endymion 2 by Dan Simmons
La Chute d'Hypérion 2 by Dan Simmons
Hypérion 1 by Dan Simmons, Guy Abadia
The Terror by Dan Simmons
La Chute d'Hypérion 1 by Dan Simmons
L'Éveil d'Endymion 1 by Dan Simmons
Vengeance / Revanche / Une balle dans la tête (Joe Kurtz, #1-3) by DAN SIMMONS
Olympos by Dan Simmons
The Space Opera Renaissance by Kathryn Cramer, David G. Hartwell
Cujo by Stephen King
Olympos by Dan Simmons
Civil War Ghosts by Martin Greenberg
Ilión I. El asedio by Dan Simmons
The Endymion Omnibus by Dan Simmons
Far Horizons by Robert Silverberg
Ilium by Dan Simmons
Song of Kali by Dan Simmons
Phases of Gravity by Dan Simmons
Ilium by Dan Simmons
Les Fosses d'Iverson by Simmons Dan
A Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons
Redshift by Al Sarrantonio
Darker Masques by Ray Bradbury, Graham Masterton, F. Paul Wilson, Dan Simmons
Worlds Enough & Time by Dan Simmons
The Year's Best Science Fiction by Gardner Dozois
Le Styx coule à l'envers by Dan SIMMONS
Science Fiction by Robert Silverberg
Darwin's Blade by Dan Simmons
Year's Best SF 6 by David G. Hartwell
L'Échiquier du mal, Tome 1 by Dan Simmons
Endymion I by Dan Simmons
The Crook Factory by Dan Simmons
Jack Vance by A. E. Cunningham
Le Conseiller et autres nouvelles by Simmons Dan
Negative Spaces by Dan. Simmons
Monolith 002 by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, Vernor Vinge, Peter F. Hamilton, Harlan Ellison, Phillip Jose Farmer, Geoffrey A. Landis, Robert C. Wilson, Mladen Bjazik
Omni Best Science Fiction Two by Ellen Datlow
The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons
Hyperion / The Fall of Hyperion / Endymion / Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons
Firestarter by Stephen King
Prayers to Broken Stones by Dan Simmons
Vampires by Martin H. Greenberg
Fires of Eden by Dan Simmons
Endymion by Dan Simmons
The Best New Science Fiction by Duzois Gardner
The Year's Best Science Fiction by Gardner Dozois
New Masterpieces Of Horror by Ed John Betancourt
Contes de la fée verte by Poppy Z. Brite
The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons
Little Deaths by Ellen Datlow
Adventures of the Batman by Martin H. Greenberg
L'Échiquier du mal - Tome 1/4 by Dan Simmons
The Year's Best Science Fiction by Gardner (Editor) Dozois
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror by Ellen Datlow
Lovedeath by Dan Simmons
The Hollow Man by Dan Simmons
Children of the Night by Dan Simmons
Still Dead by John Skipp, Craig Spector
Territoires de l'inquiétude. 4 by Robert Bloch, Jean-Pierre Andrevon, Jacques Barbéri, Charles Beaumont, Jean-Michel Blatrier, Ray Bradbury, Gary A. Braunbeck, Jean-Daniel Brèque, Edward Bryant, Ramsey Campbell, Richard Canal, Jacques Chambon, Philippe Curval, Lee Daniels, Jack Dann, François Darnaudet, Alain Dartevelle, Avram Davidson, Charles De Lint, Sylvie Denis, Thierry Di Rollo, Alain Dorémieux, Anne Duguël, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Pierre-Paul Durastanti, Harlan Ellison, Dennis Etchison, Jack Finney, Karen Joy Fowler, Noé Gaillard, Stephen Gallagher, Gilbert Gallerne, Earl Godwin, Lisa Goldstein, Charles L. Grant, Jean-Pierre Hubert, Raymond Iss, Shirley Jackson, K.W. Jeter, Emmanuel Jouanne, Leigh Kennedy, Nancy Kilpatrick, Stephen King, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Dean R. Koontz, Joe R. Lansdale, Tanith Lee, Fritz Leiber, Fabienne Leloup, Jean-Marc Ligny, Bentley Little, Robert Lowry, Richard Matheson, Richard Christian Matheson, Robert McCammon, Suzy McKee Charnas, Raymond Milési, Jean-Jacques Nguyen, Pierre Pelot, Wildy Petoud, Kathryn Ptacek, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Steve Rasnic Tem, Patrick Raveau, Garfield Reeves-Steven, Nicholas Royle, André Ruellan, Alan Ryan, Al Sarrantonio, David J. Schow, Charles Sheffield, David B. Silva, Dan Simmons, John Sladek, Henry Slesar, Anne Smulders, Brian Stableford, Gay P. Terry, Lisa Tuttle, Francis Valéry, Karl Edward Wagner, Daniel Walther, Joëlle Wintrebert, Scott D. Yost, Alain Dorémieux
Summer Sketches by Dan Simmons
L'Échiquier du mal - Tome 4/4 by DAN SIMMONS
Summer of Night by Dan Simmons
Territoires de l'inquiétude, 3 by A. Doremieux
The Ultimate Dracula by Byron Preiss
Masques IV by J.N. Williamson
Obsessions by Gary Raisor
Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons
Fleshcreepers by J.N. Williamson
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror by Terri Windling, Ellen Datlow
Hyperion by Dan Simmons
The Year's Best Fantasy 2 by Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling
Entropy's Bed at Midnight by Dan Simmons
The Further Adventures of The Joker by Martin H. Greenberg
Banished Dreams by Dan Simmons
The Year's Best Fantasy by Ellen Datlow
Blood Is Not Enough by Fritz Leiber, Dan Simmons, Scott Baker, Sharon Farber, Gahan Wilson, Pat Cadigan, Tanith Lee
Masques III by J.N. Williamson
Night Visions 5 by Stephen King, Dan Simmons, George R.R. Martin
The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook 1 by David Garnett S.
Horror 2 by Stephen King
Tor Horror Sampler by Richard) Dan; Farris; John; Laymon Anonymous (Simmons
The Third Omni Book of Science Fiction by E. Datlow
The Year's Best Science Fiction by Gardner Dozois
The Second Omni Book of Science Fiction by E. Datlow
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, December 1983 (Asimov's Science Fiction, #72) by Isaac Asimov
Gollancz 50th Anniversary Fantasy Collection (Paperback) by Terry Pratchett