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Django Wexler graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh with degrees in creative writing and computer science, and worked for the university in artificial intelligence research. Eventually he migrated to Microsoft in Seattle, where he now lives with two cats and a teetering mountain of books. When not planning Shadow Campaigns, he wrangles computers, paints tiny soldiers, and plays games of all sorts.
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The Guns of Empire book cover
The Guns of Empire
Django Wexler - 2020-02-04 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
As the "audacious and subversive"* Shadow Campaigns novels continue, the weather is growing warmer, but the frosty threat of Vordan's enemies is only growing worse... As the roar of the guns subsides and the smoke of battle clears, the country of Vordan is offered a fragile peace... After their shattering defeats at the hands of brilliant General J...
The Price of Valour book cover
The Price of Valour
Django Wexler - 2015-07-07
Goodreads Rating
In the latest Shadow Campaigns novel, Django Wexler continues his “epic fantasy of military might and magical conflict”* following The Shadow Throne and The Thousand Names, as the realm of Vordan faces imminent threats from without and within.In the wake of the King’s death, war has come to Vordan.The Deputies-General has precarious control of the ...
The Shadow Throne book cover
The Shadow Throne
The Shadow Campaign (The Shadow Campaigns)
Django Wexler - 2015-06-18 (first published in 2014)
Goodreads Rating
Anyone can plot a coup or fire an assassin’s bullet. But in a world of muskets and magic, it takes considerably more to seize the throne. The ailing King of the Vordan lies on his deathbed. When he dies, his daughter, Raesinia Orboan, will become the first Queen Regnant in centuries—and a ripe target for the ambitious men who seek to control her. T...
The Infernal Battalion book cover
The Infernal Battalion
Django Wexler - 2018-01-09
Goodreads Rating
Military might and arcane power clash in Django Wexler’s thrilling new Shadow Campaigns novel. The Beast, the ancient demon imprisoned beneath the fortress-city of Elysium for a thousand years, has been loosed on the world. It absorbs mind after mind, spreading like a plague through the north. The fell army it has raised threatens the heart of Vord...
City of Stone and Silence book cover
City of Stone and Silence
Django Wexler - 2020-01-07
Goodreads Rating
Django Wexler's City of Stone and Silence is the second book in the cinematic fantasy Wells of Sorcery Trilogy featuring a fierce young woman skilled in the art of combat magic on an epic mission to steal a ghost ship......
The Thousand Names book cover
The Thousand Names
Django Wexler - 2013-07-02
Goodreads Rating
Enter an epic fantasy world that echoes with the thunder of muskets and the clang of steel—but where the real battle is against a subtle and sinister magic....Captain Marcus d’Ivoire, commander of one of the Vordanai empire’s colonial garrisons, was resigned to serving out his days in a sleepy, remote outpost. But that was before a rebellion upende...
The Mad Apprentice book cover
The Mad Apprentice
django wexler - 2015-01-01
Goodreads Rating
When Alice's mysterious Uncle Geryon sends her to help capture a rogue apprentice--a boy who has the same ability Alice has to Read himself into stories--she knows to expect a wild and unpredictable trip. But even though Alice has visited the magical realms inside libraries before, this adventure is far more dangerous. Because Torment, the magic cr...
The Palace of Glass book cover
The Palace of Glass
The Forbidden Library
Django Wexler - 2016-04-12
Goodreads Rating
The Fall of the Readers book cover
The Fall of the Readers
The Forbidden Library
Django Wexler - 2017-12-05
Goodreads Rating
The final book in the exciting fantasy adventure series featuring a strong heroine who grows from reader to leader in a world where magic is contained and controlled through books.When Alice defeated her uncle Geryon and declared war on the totalitarian ways of the Old Readers, she knew she would have a hard fight ahead. What she didn’t anticipate ...
From a Certain Point of View book cover
From a Certain Point of View
The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars)
Seth Dickinson, Hank Green, R. F. Kuang, Martha Wells, Kiersten White - 2020-11-10
Goodreads Rating
From a Certain Point of View strikes back! Celebrate the legacy of the groundbreaking Star Wars sequel with this exciting reimagining of the timeless film. On May 21, 1980, Star Wars became a true saga with the release of The Empire Strikes Back. In honor of the fortieth anniversary, forty storytellers recreate an iconic scene from The Empire Strik...
Siege of Rage and Ruin by Django Wexler
Silk & Steel by Ellen Kushner, Aliette de Bodard, Django Wexler, Jennifer Mace, Freya Marske, Claire Bartlett, Neon Yang, Yoon Ha Lee, K.A. Doore
Story Behind the Book by Neal Asher, Ellen Ullman, Marcus Sakey, Paul McAuley, Daniel Abraham, Jasper Kent, Laurie Frankel, Keith Brooke
Blood of the Chosen by Django Wexler
Unfettered II by Shawn Speakman, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, Peter Orullian, Naomi Novik, Charlaine Harris, Mark Lawrence, Brandon Sanderson
Hard Reboot by Django Wexler
Ship of Smoke and Steel by Django Wexler
Shinigami by Django Wexler
Hath No Fury by Robin Hobb
The Shadow of Elysium by Django Wexler
The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler
Memories of Empire by Django Wexler
Ikoria by Django Wexler
The Penitent Damned by Django Wexler
Fearful Symmetries by
John Golden by Django Wexler
Press Start to Play by Daniel H. Wilson
Operation Arcana by