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Dr. Jason Lisle is an astrophysicist who formerly worked for the creationist organization Answers in Genesis as both a speaker and researcher, but is now Director of Research at the Institute for Creation Research.Dr. Lisle is a creationist who has a PhD in Astrophysics, which he obtained through the University of Colorado in Boulder. His postgraduate research concentrated on solar dynamics, utilizing NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) to monitor the surface of the sun. His PhD dissertation "Probing the Dynamics of Solar Supergranulation and its Interaction with Magnetism." is available from the University of Colorado and he has also published numerous papers in scientific literature concerning convection cells in the sun.Although some creationists claim, as in the film Expelled, that holding to creationist beliefs while pursing a degree at an accredited University will get you kicked out, Dr. Jason Lisle recieved his undergraduate degree from Ohio Wesleyan University summa cum laude with a double-major in physics and astronomy and a minor in mathematics. For his thesis and dissertation, (Master's and Ph.D accordingly,) though members of his Peer-Review Panel might have been aware of his young Earth beliefs - their evaluation of his work was based on his actual research and not his personal beliefs.
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Fractals book cover
The Secret Code of Creation
Jason Lisle - 2021-06-15
Goodreads Rating
Discover a secret code embedded in math that unveils an astounding work of art hidden in the numbers. This book showcases the stunning artworks that have always existed at creation. Dr. Lisle argues that only the Christian worldview can make sense of this code, and the images serve as evidence of its truth.
Introduction to Logic (Student) book cover
Introduction to Logic (Student)
Jason Lisle - 2018-12-10
Goodreads Rating
This book explores the study of logic, which is the practice of drawing reasonable conclusions from available information. The author examines the significance of logic and how to think rightly based on the Christian worldview. Gain insights on the Biblical basis for laws of logic, whether faith conflicts with reason, and common logical fallacies.
Introduction to Logic (Teacher Guide) book cover
Introduction to Logic (Teacher Guide)
Jason Lisle - 2018-12-10
Goodreads Rating
This teacher guide is an essential tool for grading assignments in the Introduction to Logic course. With instructional insights and practice sheets, students will be equipped to defend their faith against skeptics. The course includes special chapter reviews, worksheets, and quizzes to help students understand logical fallacies and master the practical understanding of logical arguments. Use this resource to enhance your teaching and challenge your students.
The Physics of Einstein book cover
The Physics of Einstein
Black Holes, Time Travel, Distant Starlight, E=mc^2
Jason Lisle - 2018-01-18
Goodreads Rating
Travel into the world of physics alongside one of the greatest minds of our time. This thought-provoking book delves into Albert Einstein's discoveries about time, light, and cosmic phenomena like black holes. Written in a clear and concise style for readers without a background in physics, this book explores some of the most fascinating areas of science.
Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason book cover
Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason
Refuting Alleged Bible Contradictions
Dr Jason Lisle - 2017-09-20
Goodreads Rating
Discover the truth behind alleged Bible contradictions with Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason. Dr. Jason Lisle challenges critics and skeptics who claim the Bible is flawed by examining a popular list of 439 alleged contradictions - and proving that not a single one is genuine. This eye-opening book shows that careful scholarship is necessary to truly understand and keep faith in the Bible.
Intro to Astronomy, Teacher Guide book cover
Intro to Astronomy, Teacher Guide
Jason Dr Lisle - 2016-08-05
This engaging and easy-to-use teacher guide provides a junior high-level curriculum for learning about astronomy, presented from a biblical worldview. Using The Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky as its base, students will learn the basics of star-gazing, when to look for specific celestial objects, and how to identify what they see. This comprehensive guide is perfect for any young stargazer who wants to appreciate the majestic beauty of God's universe.
Understanding Genesis book cover
Understanding Genesis
How to Analyze, Interpret, and Defend Scripture
Jason Lisle - 2015-06-30
Goodreads Rating
Discover the true meaning of the Book of Genesis in this insightful read by Dr. Jason Lisle. Learn about common errors in interpretation and how to properly approach biblical literature. Explore the role of science and the rules of interpretation, and equip yourself with a reasoned defense against those who distort the Word of God.
The Solar System book cover
The Solar System
God's Heavenly Handiwork
Jason Lisle - 2014-08-27
Goodreads Rating
Explore the mysteries and beauty of the solar system, from Earth to the far reaches of space, in this enlightening booklet. With a focus on highlighting the wonders of God's creation, readers will be awe-inspired by the diversity and complexity of our celestial neighbors. Come along on a cosmic journey and witness firsthand how "the firmament shows His handiwork" (Psalm 19:1).
Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky, The book cover
Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky, The
Jason Lisle - 2012-03-23
Goodreads Rating
Explore the wonders of the night sky with 150 full-color star charts and easy-to-use illustrations. With the help of a research scientist with a Ph.D. in astrophysics, learn how to identify stars, constellations, and planets with just your naked eye, or with the use of binoculars or a telescope. Discover the optimal times to observe celestial objects and make stargazing a fun and educational hobby to enjoy with friends and family. Plus, get a FREE Stargazer's Planisphere to better locate stars any time of the year.
Why Genesis Matters by Jason Lisle
A prova definitiva da criação by Jason Lisle
A Pocket Guide to Logic & Faith by Jason Lisle
Discerning Truth by Jason Lisle
Charles Darwin by A.J. Monty White, Georgia Purdom, David Menton, Roger Sanders, Jason Lisle, Ken Ham
The Ultimate Proof of Creation by Dr Jason Lisle
Old-Earth Creationism On Trial by Tim Chaffey
The New Answers Book 1 by Ken Ham
Taking Back Astronomy by Jason Lisle