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Savannah Brown is an American writer living in London. She's the author of two collections of poetry and two novels. The second novel, THE THINGS WE DON'T SEE, is out on June 24th with Penguin Random House savbrown.comtwitter: @savannahbrowninstagram: @savbrown
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Graffiti (and Other Poems) book cover
Graffiti (and Other Poems)
Savannah Brown - 2016-03-01
Goodreads Rating
Savannah Brown's first collection of poetry is a vulnerable account of adolescence from someone in the thick of it. Written between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, with examinations of anxiety, death, first loves, and first lusts, Graffiti extends a hand to those undergoing the trials and uncertainty of teenagehood, and assures them they're not a...
Sweetdark book cover
Savannah Brown - 2020-10-06
Goodreads Rating
Savannah Brown’s long-awaited second collection of poetry is at once philosophical and accessible, just as concerned with the biggest questions of being as the smallest personal desires, which might be one and the same. London (and occasionally the apocalypse) as a backdrop, Sweetdark explores the transience of existence, the pursuit of vulnerabili...
Truth About Keeping Secrets book cover
Truth About Keeping Secrets
Na - 2019-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Sydney's dad is the only psychiatrist for miles around their small Ohio town.He is also unexpectedly dead.Is Sydney crazy, or is it kind of weird that her dad-a guy whose entire job revolved around other peoples' secrets-crashed alone, with no explanation?And why is June Copeland, homecoming queen and the town's golden child, at his funeral?As the ...
The Things We Don't See book cover
The Things We Don't See
Savannah Brown - 2021-06-24
Goodreads Rating
"The year is 1987 and the sleepy village of Sandown Bay is waking up . . ." To its residents, Sandown is home - a tiny village holiday resort in the western United States.To everyone else, it's a minuscule island, that brings tourists in summer and not a lot else the rest of the time.To Mona Perry, it's a mystery.Thirty-four years ago, promising si...