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A Short History of Nearly Everything

Bill Bryson

In Bryson's biggest book, he confronts his greatest challenge: to understand—and, if possible, answer—the oldest, biggest questions we have posed about the universe and ourselves. Taking as territory everything from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization, Bryson seeks to understand how we got from there being nothing at all to there being us. To ...
Publish Date
September 14
First Published in 2003
Goodreads rating
It’s very impressive to read about people pondering how to figure out the weight of the Earth or something in the 18th century.      source
Aug 25, 2013
Fun read of everything from the big bang to tectonic plates to the evolution of early man.      source
Jul 19, 2020
Just finishing "Short History of Nearly Everything". This book is information-dense and manages to be humorous and super entertaining. Audiobook is perfect for a long road trip if you have Audible.      source
Jan 02, 2020
FYI: what i read this year (following @vcstarterkit's rule) Bold the ones i would highly recommend. I switched to mainly listening to audiobooks and only "read" for entertainment. Hence mostly space scifi.      source
Selected Books for the Manual for Civilization      source