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SeriesChronicles of Brother Cadfael

Chronicles of Brother Cadfael Series

Chronicles of Brother Cadfael books in order

The character of Cadfael himself is a Welsh Benedictine monk living at Shrewsbury Abbey, in western England, in the first half of the 12th century. The historically accurate stories are set between about 1135 and about 1145, during "The Anarchy", the destructive contest for the crown of England between King Stephen and Empress Maud.As a character, …
One Corpse Too Many book cover
A Morbid Taste for Bones book cover
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A Morbid Taste for Bones book cover
Book 1
A Morbid Taste for Bones
Ellis Peters - 2014-11-25 (first published in 1977)
Goodreads Rating
Ellis Peters' introduction to the murderous medieval world of Brother Cadfael...A Morbid Taste for BonesIn the remote Welsh mountain village of Gwytherin lies the grave of Saint Winifred. Now, in 1137, the ambitious head of Shrewsbury Abbey has decided to acquire the sacred remains for his Benedictine order. Native Welshman Brother Cadfael is sent ...
One Corpse Too Many book cover
Book 2
One Corpse Too Many
Ellis Peters - 2014-11-25 (first published in 1979)
Goodreads Rating
In the summer of 1138, war between King Stephen and the Empress Maud takes Brother Cadfael from the quiet world of his garden into a battlefield of passions, deceptions, and death. Not far from the safety of the abbey walls, Shrewsbury Castle falls, leaving its ninety-four defenders loyal to the empress to hang as traitors. With a heavy heart, Brot...
Monk's Hood book cover
Book 3
Monk's Hood
Ellis Peters - 2014-11-25 (first published in 1980)
Goodreads Rating
Silver Dagger Award Winner: In this medieval mystery, Brother Cadfael faces suspicion when one of his herbal ingredients is used to kill a man.Christmas 1138. Gervase Bonel is a guest of Shrewsbury Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul when he suddenly takes ill. Luckily, the abbey boasts the services of the clever and kindly Brother Cadfael, a skill...
Saint Peter's Fair book cover
Book 4
Saint Peter's Fair
Ellis Peters - 2017-11-14 (first published in 1981)
Goodreads Rating
In the twelfth century, merchants gather at a summertime fair—but when one of them is found dead in a river, a crime-solving monk must step in. St. Peter’s Fair is a grand, festive event, attracting merchants from across England and beyond. There is a pause in the civil war racking the country in the summer of 1139, and the fair promises to bring s...
The Leper of Saint Giles book cover
Book 5
The Leper of Saint Giles
Ellis Peters - 2017-11-14 (first published in 1981)
Goodreads Rating
October 1139. A savage murder interrupts an ill-fated marriage set to take place at Brother Cadfael's abbey, leaving the monk with a terrible mystery to solve. The key to the killing is hidden among the inhabitants of the Saint Giles leper colony, and Brother Cadfael must ferret out a sickness not of the body, but of a twisted mind....
The Virgin in the Ice book cover
Book 6
The Virgin in the Ice
Ellis Peters - 2011-10-01 (first published in 1982)
Goodreads Rating
A monk embarks on a dangerous quest to find a trio of missing travelers in this medieval mystery by an Edgar Award–winning author. The winter of 1139 will disrupt Brother Cadfael’s tranquil life in Shrewsbury with the most disturbing of events. Raging civil war has sent refugees fleeing north from Worcester. Among them are two orphans from a noble ...
The Sanctuary Sparrow book cover
Book 7
The Sanctuary Sparrow
Ellis Peters - 1996-01-01 (first published in 1983)
Goodreads Rating
On a spring evening in 1140 Shrewsbury, the midnight matins at the Benedictine abbey suddenly reverberate with an unholy sound--a hunt in full cry. Pursued by a drunken mob, the quarry is running for its life. When the frantic creature bursts in to claim sanctuary, Brother Cadfael finds himself fighting off armed townsmen to save a terrified young ...
The Devil's Novice book cover
Book 8
The Devil's Novice
Ellis Peters - 2014-08-05 (first published in 1983)
Goodreads Rating
In the autumn of 1140 the Benedictine monastery at Shrewsbury finds its new novice Meriet Aspley a bit disturbing. The younger son of a prominent family, Meriet is meek and biddable by day, but his sleep is rife with nightmares so violent that they earn him the name of "Devil's Novice". Shunned by the other monks, Aspley attracts the concern of Bro...
Dead Man's Ransom book cover
Book 9
Dead Man's Ransom
Ellis Peters - 2014-08-05 (first published in 1984)
Goodreads Rating
Brother Cadfael must intervene when a prisoner exchange is interrupted by love and murderIn February of 1141, men march home from war to Shrewsbury, but the captured sheriff Gilbert Prestcote is not among them. Elis, a young Welsh prisoner, is delivered to the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul to begin a tale that will test Brother Cadfael’s sens...
The Pilgrim of Hate book cover
Book 10
The Pilgrim of Hate
Ellis Peters - 2014-08-05 (first published in 1984)
Goodreads Rating
1141. The fourth anniversary of the transfer of Saint Winifred's bones to the Abbey at Shrewsbury is a time of celebration for the 12th-century pilgrims gathering from far and wide. In distant Winchester, however, a knight has been murdered. Could it be because he was a supporter of the Empress Maud, one of numerous pretenders to the throne? It's u...
An Excellent Mystery book cover
An Excellent Mystery
Ellis Peters - 2014-08-05
The Raven in the Foregate by Ellis Peters
The Rose Rent by Ellis Peters
The Hermit of Eyton Forest by Ellis Peters
The Confession of Brother Haluin by Ellis Peters
The Heretic's Apprentice by Ellis Peters
The Potter's Field by Ellis Peters
The Summer of the Danes by Ellis Peters
The Holy Thief by Ellis Peters
Brother Cadfael's Penance by Ellis Peters