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Book SeriesLockwood & Co.

Lockwood & Co. Series

Lockwood & Co. books in order

We follow three young operatives of a Psychic Detection Agency as they battle an epidemic of ghosts in London.
The Whispering Skull book cover
The Screaming Staircase book cover
The Hollow Boy book cover
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The Screaming Staircase book cover
Book 1
The Screaming Staircase
Jonathan Stroud - 2013-08-29
Goodreads Rating
Young psychics battle sinister supernatural foes in a London filled with ghosts, haunts, and specters. When plucky Lucy Carlyle and her team investigate the haunted Combe Carey Hall, they face a legendary Screaming Staircase and Red Room. From the author of the Bartimaeus series, this thrilling and chilling Lockwood & Co. series is filled with action, suspense, and humor. Fans of Harry Potter and Rick Riordan won't be disappointed. Get ready for a deliciously creepy adventure!
The Whispering Skull book cover
Book 2
The Whispering Skull
The Whispering Skull
Jonathan Stroud - 2014-09-16
Goodreads Rating
Three young ghost hunters are challenged to a contest by their rivals to prove their skills. To win, they must solve an excavation job for a new client and recover a dangerous relic. However, things take a turn for the worse when a horrifying phantom appears and one of their own team members is accused of mistakes. Can the ghost hunters overcome their challenges and complete their mission? Find out in this thrilling, supernatural adventure.
The Hollow Boy book cover
Book 3
The Hollow Boy
The Hollow Boy
Jonathan Stroud - 2015-09-15
Goodreads Rating
Lockwood & Co. are back to rid London of supernatural Visitors causing chaos throughout the city. As tensions rise and personal issues flare, the team must work together to stop assassins and save the day. With a new assistant and even more haunting cases, this third installment of the Lockwood & Co. series is a thrilling adventure full of danger, intrigue, and ghostly encounters.
The Creeping Shadow book cover
Book 4
The Creeping Shadow
The Creeping Shadow (Lockwood & Co., 4)
Jonathan Stroud - 2016-09-13
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling novel follows Lucy, a freelance operative with exceptional skills, as she reunites with Lockwood and his team for a dangerous assignment. They must locate and remove the Source for the Brixton Cannibal, but tensions run high between the agents. With black marketeers, informant ghosts, and a Spirit Cape, they may be able to solve the mystery, but a shocking twist reveals they've been manipulated all along. Will they be able to reunite and overcome this new obstacle?
The Empty Grave book cover
Book 5
The Empty Grave
Jonathan Stroud - 2017-09-12
Goodreads Rating
Join Lockwood & Co. on a dangerous mission as they break into the booby-trapped Fittes Mausoleum to find the body of legendary psychic heroine Marissa Fittes. But is her body really there? Book 5 of the Lockwood & Co. series is full of danger, mystery, and surprises as Lockwood and his team face attacks from both spectral and human foes. Will they be able to take on their greatest enemy and survive with the help of some unexpected allies? Jonathan Stroud delivers another thrilling adventure full of twists and frights that will leave readers wanting more.