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Shannara Series

Shannara books in order

This list shows the chronological order of the entire Shannara series. Omnibus editions are listed at the bottom.The sub-series in chronological order are:Word & Void Genesis of ShannaraLegends of ShannaraPaladins of ShannaraThe Original Shannara TrilogyHeritage of ShannaraVoyage of the Jerle ShannaraHigh Druid of ShannaraThe Dark Legacy of Shannar…
34 books in series
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Series Order
Book 1
Running with the Demon
Word and Void Book 1)
Terry Brooks - May 01, 2007 (first published in 1997)
Goodreads Rating
Twenty years ago, Terry Brooks turned fantasy fiction on its head with The Sword of Shannara, the first fantasy novel to make the mainstream bestseller lists, and the first in an unbroken string of thirteen bestselling books. Now, in Running with the Demon, Brooks does nothing less than revitalize fantasy fiction again, inventing the complex and po...
Book 2
A Knight of the Word
Word and Void Book 2)
Terry Brooks - Jan 18, 2001 (first published in 1998)
Goodreads Rating
Eight centuries ago the first Knight of the Word was commissioned to combat the demonic evil of the Void. Now that daunting legacy has passed to John Ross--along with powerful magic and the knowledge that his actions are all that stand between a living hell and humanity's future.Then, after decades of service to the Word, an unspeakable act of viol...
Book 3
Hearts Collide
a Sizzling Rock Star Romance (Angel Fire Rock Romance Book 3)
Ellie Masters - Jul 19, 2018
Goodreads Rating
Bent is broken in mind, body, and spirit. Complications of an injury plague Angel Fire’s legendary bassist. He’ll never play again. Never take the stage with his bandmates. Never soak in the intoxication of the crowd. Music has abandoned him.At least that’s what he’s told his overly persistent physical therapist, Piper. The woman is petite and viva...
Book 4
Armageddon's Children
Terry Brooks - Aug 29, 2006
Goodreads Rating
Terry Brooks is one of a handful of writers whose work defines modern fantasy fiction. His twenty-three international bestsellers have ranged from the beloved Shannara series to stories that tread a much darker path. Armageddon’s Children is a new creation–the perfect opportunity for readers unfamiliar with Brooks’s previous work to experience an a...
Book 5
The Elves of Cintra (Genesis of Shannara, #2)
Terry Brooks - Aug 28, 2007
Goodreads Rating
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Terry Brooks's The Measure of the Magic. With his groundbreaking New York Times bestseller The Sword of Shannara and its acclaimed sequels, Terry Brooks brought a new audience to epic fantasy. Then he gave the genre a darkly compelling contemporary twist in his trilogy of the Word and the Void. Last year...
Book 6
The Gypsy Morph
Terry Brooks - Aug 24, 2008
Goodreads Rating
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Terry Brooks's The Measure of the Magic.Terry Brooks won instant acclaim with his phenomenal New York Times bestseller The Sword of Shannara. Its sequels earned Brooks legendary status. Then his darkly enthralling The Word and the Void trilogy revealed new depths and vistas to his mastery of epic fantasy...
Book 7
Bearers of the Black Staff
Legends of Shannara
Terry Brooks - Aug 24, 2010
Goodreads Rating
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Terry Brooks's The Measure of the Magic.NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFive hundred years have passed since the devastating demon-led war tore apart the United States and nearly exterminated humankind. Those who escaped the carnage were led to sanctuary in an idyllic valley, its borders warded by powerful magi...
Book 8
The Measure of the Magic
Legends of Shannara
Terry Brooks - Aug 23, 2011
Goodreads Rating
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   For five hundred years, the survivors of the Great Wars lived peacefully in a valley sanctuary shielded by powerful magic from the dangerous outside world. But the enchanted barriers have crumbled, and the threat of annihilation looms large once more. As he lay dying, Sider Ament, bearer of the last black staff and prote...
Book 9
First King of Shannara
Terry Brooks - Oct 10, 2000 (first published in 1996)
Goodreads Rating
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Terry Brooks's The Measure of the Magic.Horrified by the misuse of magic they had witnessed during the First War of the Races, the Druids at Paranor devoted themselves to the study of the old sciences, from the period before the collapse of civilization a thousand years before. Only the Bremen and a few ...
Book 10
The Sword of Shannara
Terry Brooks - Jul 12, 1983 (first published in 1977)
Goodreads Rating
Living in peaceful Shady Vale, Shea Ohmsford knew little of the troubles that plagued the rest of the world. Then the giant, forbidding Allanon revealed that the supposedly dead Warlock Lord was plotting to destroy the world. The sole weapon against this Power of Darkness was the Sword of Shannara, which could only be used by a true heir of Shannar...
Book 11
The Elfstones of Shannara
Terry Brooks - Dec 01, 2015 (first published in 1982)
Goodreads Rating
Ancient Evil threatens the Elves: The ancient tree created by long-lost Elven magic, is dying. When Wil Ohmsford is summoned to guard the Amberle on a perilous quest to gather a new seed for a new tree, he is faced with the Reaper, the most fearsome of all Demons. And Wil is without power to control them....Read by Scott Brick.15 audiocassettes (90...
The Wishsong of Shannara by Terry Brooks
Indomitable by Jonathan Brazee
Dark Wraith of Shannara by Terry Brooks
The Scions of Shannara by Terry Brooks
The Druid of Shannara by Terry Brooks
The Elf Queen of Shannara by Terry Brooks
The Talismans of Shannara by Terry Brooks
Ilse Witch by Terry Brooks
Antrax by Terry Brooks
Morgawr by Terry Brooks
Jarka Ruus by Terry Brooks
Tanequil by Terry Brooks
Straken by Terry Brooks
Wards of Faerie by Terry Brooks
Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks
The Dark Legacy of Shannara Series by Terry Brooks
The High Druid's Blade by Terry Brooks
The Darkling Child by Terry Brooks
The Sorcerer's Daughter by Terry Brooks
The Black Elfstone by Terry Brooks
The Skaar Invasion by Terry Brooks
The Stiehl Assassin by Terry Brooks
The Last Druid by Terry Brooks