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Sisterhood Series

Sisterhood books in order

Payback by Fern Michaels book cover
Weekend Warriors book cover
Vendetta book cover
33 books in series
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Weekend Warriors book cover
Book 1
Weekend Warriors
Fern Michaels - 2012-08-15 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
The first in an exhilarating new series following a group of extraordinary women who are out to see justice done ... a step at a time. Nikki Quinn is devastated when her best friend Barbara is knocked down and killed by a hit-and-run driver who claims diplomatic immunity. But Nikki has her work and her lover, fellow lawyer Jack Nolan, to keep her g...
Payback by Fern Michaels book cover
Book 2
Payback by Fern Michaels
Goodreads Rating
La vie est totalement injuste. La majorité des femmes le savent, mais que peuvent-elles y faire ? Des miracles… si elles font partie du Sisterhood.Dans la riche et somptueuse demeure de Myra Rutledge, nos sept complices préparent leur deuxième mission. Le Sénateur américain et mari de Julia Webster a gravement abusé de sa confiance au profit de sa ...
Vendetta book cover
Book 3
Fern Michaels - 2011-10-24 (first published in 2005)
Goodreads Rating
The Jury book cover
Book 4
The Jury
Fern Michaels - 2011-10-24 (first published in 2005)
Goodreads Rating
New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels pens the fourth novel in her Sisterhood series, delivering a fast-paced, satisfying story about female friends who dish out their own brand of justice. This time, their target is an abusive, high-profile Washington powerbroker husband of one of their own. Original....
Sweet Revenge book cover
Book 5
Sweet Revenge
Fern Michaels - 2011-10-24 (first published in 2006)
Goodreads Rating
PULL A FAST ONE?NOT ON THE SISTERHOOD'S WATCH ...There are some things that a group of gracious ladies just can't overlook --- and doing one of their friends dirty is at the top of the list. That's the mission of the Sisterhood, seven women who would do anything to help out one of their clan, especially when it means righting a wrong. And Isabelle ...
Lethal Justice book cover
Book 6
Lethal Justice
Fern Michaels - 2011-10-24 (first published in 2006)
Goodreads Rating
SMART WOMEN ... BRILLIANT CHOICESThe women of the Sisterhood are fun, smart, sassy, and determined to get their way every time. But most of all, they are the best friends a woman wants by her side in good times and bad. Meeting once again in Myra Rutledge's beautiful Virginia home, they're ready to face a new challenge and right a vicious wrong ......
Free Fall book cover
Book 7
Free Fall
Fern Michaels - 2014-01-16 (first published in 2007)
Goodreads Rating
The bestselling Revenge of the Sisterhood series concludes -Yoko Akia has been hungering for revenge all her life, and now, finally, it is time. Yoko's mother was just fifteen when a rich American deceived her into a life of degradation in a twisted prostitution ring. She died aged seventeen after bearing her baby girl. Now a great movie star, he i...
Hide and Seek book cover
Book 8
Hide and Seek
Fern Michaels - 2013-03-26 (first published in 2007)
Goodreads Rating
Whoever said living well is the best revenge never met the Sisterhood...Together, the seven fearless friends known as the Sisterhood have served sweet justice to villians who thought they were above the law. But paycheck has its price, and the Sisterhood's last assignment almost landed them in jail. Now the women are fugitives with a bounty on thei...
Hokus Pokus book cover
Book 9
Hokus Pokus
Fern Michaels - 2013-03-27
Goodreads Rating
There is no match for the Sisterhood - the seven friends who have taken vigilante justice to a new level - not even the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Although the women foiled former FBI director Mitch Riley's plot to frame their friends Judge Nellie Easter and lawyer Lizzie Fox, now they must remain in exile or risk capture. They can't complain...
Fast Track book cover
Book 10
Fast Track
Fern Michaels - 2014-01-16
Goodreads Rating
When You Need The Best, You Need The Sisterhood. . .It's been years since the members of the Sisterhood first banded together, with the help of their mentor Charles Martin, to exact their own form of justice on those whose crimes had gone unpunished by the legal system. Now, back in the United States after an enforced exile, and ensconced in a new ...
Collateral Damage book cover
Collateral Damage
Fern Michaels - 2008-10-01
Final Justice by Fern Michaels
Under the Radar by Fern Michaels
Razor Sharp by Fern Michaels
Vanishing Act by Fern Michaels
Deadly Deals by Fern Michaels
Game Over by Fern Michaels
Cross Roads by Fern Michaels
Deja Vu by Fern Michaels
Home Free by Fern Michaels
Gotcha! by Fern Michaels
Blindsided by Fern Michaels
Kiss and Tell by Fern Michaels
Eyes Only by Fern Michaels
In Plain Sight by Fern Michaels
Point Blank by Fern Michaels
Crash and Burn by Fern Michaels
Need to Know by Fern Michaels
Safe and Sound by Fern Michaels
Cut and Run by Fern Michaels
Truth and Justice by Fern Michaels
Bitter Pill by Fern Michaels
19 Yellow Moon Road by Fern Michaels