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Spy School Series

Spy School books in order

This series follows Benjamin Ripley and his adventures at being a junior CIA spy.
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Spy School book cover
Book 1
Spy School
Stuart Gibbs - 2012-03-06
Goodreads Rating
In Spy School, a middle schooler with dreams of becoming a C.I.A. agent must prove himself as a capable undercover spy. Ben may not scream "secret agent," but when he's recruited for a science-focused magnet school that's actually a C.I.A. academy, he's determined to make the most of the opportunity. Through hilarious misadventures and dangerous attempts on his life, Ben discovers he might actually have what it takes to become a halfway decent spy.
Spy Camp book cover
Book 2
Spy Camp
Stuart Gibbs - 2013-04-02
Goodreads Rating
Get ready for an action-packed adventure in Spy Camp, the thrilling second installment in the best-selling Spy School series. Follow middle schooler Ben Ripley as he continues his top-secret spy training into the summer, facing danger and espionage at every turn. With SPYDER infiltrated into the spy organization, Ben must use all his training to root out and defeat the enemy before it's too late. Don't miss out on this exciting page-turner!
Evil Spy School book cover
Book 3
Evil Spy School
Spy School; Spy Camp; Evil Spy School; Spy Ski School; Spy School Secret Service; Spy School Goes South; Spy School British Invasion
Stuart Gibbs - 2015-01-01
Goodreads Rating
This action-packed book follows the story of a young boy named Ben, who gets kicked out of the CIA's spy school and enrolls with the enemy crime organization SPYDER. He trains in SPYDER's evil spy school, learning to become a bad guy and doing secret spying of his own. But when he realizes that SPYDER is planning something big and evil, he must figure out the plan and get word to the good guys without getting caught. Evil Spy School is full of adventure and espionage, perfect for fans of spy thrillers.
Spy Ski School book cover
Book 4
Spy Ski School
Stuart Gibbs - 2016-10-11
Goodreads Rating
A teenage spy named Ben Ripley enrolls in ski school and is tasked with becoming friends with the daughter of a suspected Chinese crime boss in order to uncover her father's secrets. Despite struggling in class, Ben is great at staying alive and has survived kidnapping, missiles, and more. However, things get complicated when his best friend from home joins the ski trip and puts the mission in jeopardy.
Spy School Secret Service book cover
Book 5
Spy School Secret Service
Stuart Gibbs - 2017-10-10
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling addition to the Spy School series follows 13-year-old Ben on a solo mission to prevent a presidential assassination. Infiltrating the White House and locating the enemy operative may be challenging enough, but with uncooperative help and a potential double-crossing situation, Ben may have bitten off more than he can chew. Will he be able to rely on his Spy School friends to save the day and prevent the United States from falling into chaos?
Spy School Goes South book cover
Book 6
Spy School Goes South
Stuart Gibbs - 2019-09-03 (first published in 2018)
Goodreads Rating
A thrilling addition to the bestselling Spy School series, Spy School Goes South takes readers on a dangerous mission with thirteen-year-old Ben Ripley. When his nemesis offers to hand over the SPYDER elite, Ben must follow him to an undisclosed location with only one ally. However, their easy mission quickly turns deadly, and they must race against time to uncover SPYDER's evil plans and stop them before it's too late.
Spy School British Invasion book cover
Book 7
Spy School British Invasion
Stuart Gibbs - 2019-04-30
Goodreads Rating
This latest installment in the bestselling Spy School series sees middle schooler Ben Ripley, a talented superspy, and his friends go rogue in order to defeat their enemies, the evil organization SPYDER. With only a key as a clue, they join forces with British MI6 to take down SPYDER's mysterious leader, Mr. E. But the mission won't be easy as they face off against rival factions and tricky double-crosses, all while adjusting to driving on the opposite side of the road. Will Ben and his team be able to crack the code on SPYDER for good?
Spy School Revolution book cover
Book 8
Spy School Revolution
Stuart Gibbs - 2020-10-06
Goodreads Rating
In Spy School Revolution, Ben Ripley faces a new evil organization that's so mysterious, the only proof it exists is from the American Revolution. He must prove the loyalty of his respected friend, Erica, locate the elusive insurgent group that's blackmailing her, and thwart their devious plot. But this time, Ben finds himself up against opponents he has never encountered before: his own friends. Will he succeed when he doesn't even know who he can trust?
Spy School at Sea book cover
Book 9
Spy School at Sea
Stuart Gibbs - 2021-08-31
Goodreads Rating
Embark on a thrilling adventure on the high seas with the latest addition to the bestselling Spy School series. Ben Ripley must face his nemesis, Murray Hill, on the world's biggest cruise ship, The Emperor of the Seas. Posing as part of a family, he must uncover Murray's sinister plot, but as usual, nothing goes according to plan. Action, danger, and surprises abound in this adrenaline-fueled novel.