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Book SeriesThe Cousins' War

The Cousins' War Series

The Cousins' War books in order

Previously separated as the Tudor Court and Cousins' War series, as of August 2016 Gregory lists these novels as one series, The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels.The books below are in publication order.Currently, the chronological order that these books should be read in is: The Lady of the Rivers The White Queen The Red Queen The Kingmaker's Daughter…
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The White Queen book cover
Book 1
The White Queen
Philippa Gregory - 2009-08-18
Goodreads Rating
Experience the deadly feuds of England's Wars of the Roses through the captivating story of Elizabeth Woodville, a woman driven by beauty and ambition who secretly marries the newly crowned boy king. As the White Queen, Elizabeth fights for her family's success and must navigate the treacherous political landscape of royalty. Meanwhile, her two sons become the central figures in a famous unsolved mystery: the lost princes in the Tower of London. Philippa Gregory brings her masterful storytelling and intellect to this historical era, weaving a tale sure to become a classic.
The Red Queen book cover
Book 2
The Red Queen
Philippa Gregory - 2010-08-03
Goodreads Rating
This riveting historical novel delves into the tumultuous War of the Roses and the life of Margaret Beaufort, a cunning and intriguing figure. As widow and mother to the future king of England, Margaret navigates the cutthroat politics of the time and uses her wit and intelligence to help secure the Tudor dynasty. With a compelling plot and richly drawn characters, this book is sure to captivate fans of historical fiction.
The Lady of the Rivers book cover
Book 3
The Lady of the Rivers
A Novel (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels)
Philippa Gregory - 2011-09-15
Goodreads Rating
A noblewoman takes a bold move by marrying for love after being widowed at 19. Follow along as she carves out a new life for herself as a strong, independent woman.
The Kingmaker's Daughter book cover
Book 4
The Kingmaker's Daughter
Philippa Gregory - 2013-04-09 (first published in 2012)
Goodreads Rating
This historical fiction novel follows the story of Anne Neville, daughter of the powerful Kingmaker, as she navigates the treacherous English court. Her father uses her and her sister as pawns in his political game, leading to their own rise in influence. As Anne grows into a woman, she faces fear and desperation, navigating war and widowerhood before ultimately marrying the Duke of Gloucester. However, this places her in conflict with the power of the royal family. Experience the intrigue and drama of fifteenth-century England in this captivating book.
The White Princess book cover
Book 5
The White Princess
Philippa Gregory - 2013-07-23
Goodreads Rating
A story of love, loyalty, and war-torn England. The mother of the Tudors, Elizabeth of York, must choose between the red rose and the white as she is caught between her love for her slain enemy and her duty to unify a country divided by war. Amidst plots for the return of the House of York, Elizabeth faces her greatest fear when a young man invades England claiming to be her lost brother. Will she choose her new husband or the rose of York come home at last?
The King's Curse book cover
Book 6
The King's Curse
Philippa Gregory - 2014-08-14
Goodreads Rating
This historical novel follows the story of Margaret Pole, cousin to Elizabeth of York and lady-in-waiting to Katherine of Aragon. When she becomes a trusted advisor to the young Prince of Wales and his bride, Katherine, Margaret's life is upended by their sudden deaths and the rise of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Faced with choosing between loyalty to the king or her beloved queen, Margaret must navigate the shifting loyalties of the Tudor court while carrying the knowledge of an old curse.