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I’ve been a published author since 1999. I’ve written a number of novels under pseudonyms for Scholastic, Virgin Books, OUP and HarperCollins, provided freelance editorial for Emap Magazines, and copywriting for a range of commercial clients. In my day job, I'm Publishing Director at SilverWood Books – where self-funding authors are supported and can flourish.
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Sisters of the Sword
Maya Snow - Jan 21, 2009 (first published in 2008)
Goodreads Rating
Kimi dreams of being a great samurai warrior, but she and her sister, Hana, are young ladies of feudal Japan, daughters of the "Jito" of the province. Her future seems clear: Girls do not become samurai.Then, betrayal shatters the sisters' world. Their power-hungry uncle murders their father, and their mother and little brother mysteriously disappe...
Chasing the Secret
Chasing the Secret
Maya Snow - Jan 21, 2009
Goodreads Rating
A samurai will overcome all obstacles to face her enemy with honor. And she will show no mercy.Kimi and her sister, Hana, disguised themselves as boys to study at Master Goku's dojo--and to prepare themselves to take revenge on the uncle who murdered their father and older brothers. They have become masters of the sword, and their combat skills are...
Journey Through Fire
Journey Through Fire
Maya Snow - Jun 03, 2009
Goodreads Rating
Sometimes a samurai's most dangerous opponent is herself.Ever since their father's murder, Kimi and Hana have honed their fighting skills and prepared for vengeance against their vicious uncle Hidehira. They have become true warriors with the hearts of samurai.Now their fight has become more than just a personal vendetta. As Hidehira's quest for po...
Helen Hardt - Sep 08, 2020
Goodreads Rating
The Black Banner
Helen Hart - Jun 21, 2011
Goodreads Rating
Set sail on the high seas of adventure with Becky Baxter and her band of pirates! A swashbuckling pirate novel for young teens. Penniless Becky Baxter crops her hair, dresses in breeches, and leaves the dangerous backstreets of Bristol for a life of adventure and fortune on the high seas. But she quickly discovers that there are far more dangerous ...
A Semantic and Structural Analysis of James
George Hart, Helen Hart - Jan 01, 2001
The books in this series are analytical commentaries on the Greek text of New Testament books. Each book first identifies the high-level semantic components of the text and indicates the relationships between them. These components are then further analyzed to identify sub-components and their relationships. This process is continued until the basi...
The Vampire Plagues III
Sebastian Rooke - Oct 01, 2005
Goodreads Rating
A thrilling new suspense trilogy with a twist. For a thousand years, an ancient and all-powerful vampire god has lain dormant in the Mayan jungle. In 1850, he awakes - and sets out for Europe...Camazotz and his band of vampires have left Paris, but they're one step ahead of Jack and his friends. The vampire god has managed to secure nearly all the ...
Jack wants to believe it was only a dream, that the vampires are gone, that they've been banished by an ancient ritual that sent their leader to the depths of hell. But he isn't so sure. That voice still echoes in his mind - the voice of a vampire god promising to return. Jack's friends Ben and Emily say it's just his imagination, and he desperatel...
Sebastian Rook - Jan 01, 2006
Goodreads Rating
Ben, Jack and Emily think they have banished the lampir hordes for good. The evil count who first unleashed the lampirs on the world has risen from his grave, his powers stronger and deadlier than any they have faced before. All too soon, the friends must face their final challenge, and take a stand against the forces of darkness....
Das Böse Erwacht
Sebastian Rook - Feb 28, 2005 (first published in 2004)
Goodreads Rating
London, 1850. An enormous ship has just reached port. From its hull, a flock of bats ascends and disappears into the streets. Jack Harkett intends to board the ship, in search of food or money. Instead, he encounters a boy his own age—running for his life! The boy recounts horrific tales about a vampire plague that's killed the entire crew. With no...
Sebastian Rook - Jan 01, 2005
Goodreads Rating
Christmas at the Cole household comes to a devastating end when it is discovered that Ben has been infected by the lampir plague. In a desperate race against time, he, Jack and Emily journey to Poland, to find a doctor who is rumoured to have developed an antidote....
Outbreak by Sebastian Rook