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No Quarter book cover
No Quarter
Joshua Dalzelle - 2021-04-21
Goodreads Rating
In "No Quarter", humanity is on the brink of war as two factions fight for control of all human space. Admiral Jackson Wolfe is prepared for one last battle against his nemesis, Admiral Vadim Kohl, as the final conflict approaches. This second book in the Unification War Trilogy and eighth in the Black Fleet Saga promises a thrilling and impactful read that will leave nothing the same again.
The Pandora Paradox book cover
The Pandora Paradox
The Pandora Paradox (OF12)
Joshua Dalzelle - 2020-08-28
Goodreads Rating
In "The Pandora Paradox," a malevolent AI called the Machine has taken control of most of the government, leaving the small mercenary crew of Omega Force struggling to find a way to stop it. Even with the backing of an organized crime syndicate, they are out of options. Captain Jason Burke knows that he may have the power to stop the Machine, but it means unleashing an equally uncontrollable force. This is the 12th book in the bestselling Omega Force Series.
Boneshaker book cover
Joshua Dalzelle - 2020-03-30
Goodreads Rating
In "Boneshaker," Marine First Lieutenant Jacob Brown leads Scout Team Obsidian on a dangerous mission to locate a rogue Terran cruiser called the Eagle's Talon, lost within a fleet of rebel ships. With Earth's safety at stake, Jacob and his team must find the Talon and her captain before it's too late.
Rebellion book cover
Rebellion (OF11)
Joshua Dalzelle - 2019-09-17
Goodreads Rating
In "Rebellion", the quadrant is teetering on the edge of all-out war thanks to a ruthless AI called the Machine. Jason Burke, the protagonist, must decide whether to fight a seemingly unstoppable enemy or flee to fight another day. With his Omega Force crew by his side, Burke searches for allies and missing fleets in a bid to strike back at the Machine before it destroys even more. This is the eleventh book in Joshua Dalzelle's Omega Force Series, and a gripping addition to the bestselling franchise.
Battleground book cover
Joshua Dalzelle - 2019-06-20
Goodreads Rating
In "Battleground", humanity may have won the war against alien foes, but peace remains elusive. Tensions are high between the Eastern Star Alliance and United Terran Federation, with the former already executing small raiding missions into the latter's space. The Federation fleet is not equipped to protect its borders, and diplomacy is failing. Admiral Jackson Wolfe is deployed to try and defuse the situation, knowing that war between humans is inevitable. This book is the first of the final trilogy in the epic Black Fleet Saga.
Marine book cover
Joshua Dalzelle - 2018-12-27
Goodreads Rating
"Marine" follows Jacob Brown, a young man who joins Earth's spaceborne military to defend his planet against unfriendly aliens. However, he is given a difficult choice: volunteer for a high-risk mission or give up his dream. As he navigates through a dangerous, lawless world, he realizes that there's more at stake than he initially thought. This gripping sci-fi novel, written by Joshua Dalzelle, is the first book in the Terran Scout Fleet Series, by the bestselling author of the Omega Force Series and Black Fleet Trilogy.
Legends Never Die book cover
Legends Never Die
Legends Never Die (OF10)
Joshua Dalzelle - 2018-07-20
Goodreads Rating
"Legends Never Die" follows the story of Jason Burke, a man struggling with the loss of a friend and crewmate. As Omega Force tries to come together to save their friend, they discover a dangerous new faction that threatens the stability of the quadrant, which might be their fault. Jason must balance his loyalties and correct a past mistake to succeed in his missions. A riveting sci-fi tale of friendship, redemption, and sacrifice.
Blueshift book cover
Joshua Dalzelle - 2018-03-18
Goodreads Rating
Blueshift: a thrilling sci-fi adventure that questions what is lost when exploring the great unknown. The Polaris Project sacrifices everything to become the first to lay eyes on a planet orbiting a distant star named Angel-21. Upon returning after eight hundred years, Commander Markus Brentwood and his crew discover that Earth is nothing like they thought it would be. As Brentwood struggles to uncover the mystery of what's happened to Earth, he fights against a dysfunctional crew and a damaged ship. This all-new sci-fi adventure from Joshua Dalzelle, best-selling author of the Omega Force Series and Black Fleet Saga, is a race to see which nightmare would kill them first.
Destroyer book cover
Joshua Dalzelle - 2017-10-05
Goodreads Rating
In "Destroyer," Captain Jackson Wolfe must eliminate a new, powerful class of ship that threatens human lives. However, he discovers something much more dangerous that could lead to the destruction of both human and Darshik species. This book is the third installment in the #1 bestselling Black Fleet Saga.
Revolution book cover
Revolution (OF9)
Joshua Dalzelle - 2017-05-15
Goodreads Rating
Discover a world where the ConFed, the powerful force uniting hundreds of planets and trillions of beings, may come to an end. As rumors of its demise spread, lone human Jason Burke must choose a side - let the ConFed fall and face chaos, or help the institution he despises maintain its power for the greater good. Revolution explores themes of corruption, power, and morality in the face of uncertainty.
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