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Children's book author Website: www.michellemeadows.comTwitter:
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Brave Ballerina book cover
Brave Ballerina
The Story of Janet Collins (Who Did It First?)
Michelle Meadows - 2019-01-08
Goodreads Rating
Brave Ballerina tells the inspiring story of Janet Collins, the first African American principal dancer at the Metropolitan Opera House. Despite facing racial discrimination in the 1930s and 40s, Janet never gave up on her dream of becoming a ballerina. She persevered through rejection from discriminatory dance schools and even refused to paint her skin white for performances. This lyrical picture book biography takes readers on a journey from Janet's childhood dance lessons to her success as the first African American prima ballerina in the Metropolitan Opera. Illustrated by Ebony Glenn, Brave Ballerina is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration from a remarkable pioneer.
Flying High book cover
Flying High
The Story of Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles (Who Did It First?)
Michelle Meadows - 2020-12-29
Goodreads Rating
The inspiring story of Simone Biles, Olympic gymnastics champion, is told in this beautiful biography picture book. From her humble beginnings in foster care, to her adoption by loving grandparents, and her discovery of gymnastics at the age of six, Simone's journey celebrates determination, talent, sacrifice, and the unwavering support of family. Flying High by Michelle Meadows, with illustrations by Ebony Glenn, captures the spirit of the world's greatest gymnast, from her early childhood to her legendary success on the world stage.
The Way the Storm Stops book cover
The Way the Storm Stops
Michelle Meadows - 2003-10-01
Goodreads Rating
Experience the excitement and comfort of a thunderstorm in "The Way the Storm Stops." This gentle bedtime story turns the fear of a booming storm into a soothing lullaby. With lyrical rhythm and beautiful language, this book provides a reassuring antidote for children who may feel scared or anxious during a storm. Perfect for preschoolers and a great read-aloud for parents, "The Way the Storm Stops" is a must-read for anyone looking for a heartwarming story to calm and comfort young ones.
Piggies in the Kitchen book cover
Piggies in the Kitchen
Michelle Meadows - 2011-02-22
Goodreads Rating
In this hilariously cute children's story, a group of mischievous piggies takes over the kitchen to bake some treats for a special surprise party. But things quickly spiral out of control as they make a mess and chaos ensues. With charming illustrations by a New York Times bestselling illustrator, young readers will love this story about the adventures of the piggies in the kitchen!
Piggies in Pajamas book cover
Piggies in Pajamas
Michelle Meadows - 2013-03-05
Goodreads Rating
Piggies in Pajamas is a charming picture book that captures the relatable struggle of putting kids to bed. The story follows a mother pig who hears noises upstairs after putting her little piggies to bed. Each time she checks on them, they appear to be sleeping, but the noises continue. Readers of all ages will enjoy the playful illustrations and the endearing characters in this bedtime favorite.
Hibernation Station book cover
Hibernation Station
Michelle Meadows - 2010-08-24
Goodreads Rating
Discover the joys of winter hibernation with this delightful children's book. The sweet rhyming text will soothe even the most energetic kids, while introducing them to various hibernating animals. Join a lively group of passengers, including chipmunks, bears, bats and more, on their journey to Hibernation Station. Will they ever get some sleep? Find out in this charming bedtime story.
Pilot Pups book cover
Pilot Pups
Michelle Meadows - 2008-05-06
Goodreads Rating
Join the Pilot Pups on a thrilling search and rescue mission to bring their toy buddies back home! This action-packed children's book is filled with adventure and excitement. Talented author Michelle Meadows and brilliant illustrator Dan Andreasen take young readers on a journey full of fun and high-flying thrills. Buckle up and start your engines with Pilot Pups!
Traffic Pups book cover
Traffic Pups
Michelle Meadows - 2011-07-12
Goodreads Rating
Meet the Traffic Pups! These fearless furry friends are experts at keeping the roads safe for everyone. Written by Michelle Meadows and illustrated by Dan Andreasen, this sweet tale follows the pups as they stop speeders and direct traffic in a parade. A perfect choice for young readers who love animals and adventures!
Super Bugs book cover
Super Bugs
Michelle Meadows - 2016-06-28
Goodreads Rating
"Super Bugs" is a fun and educational children's book that follows a group of heroic bugs who spend their days helping insects in danger. Young readers will enjoy learning fun facts about nineteen different insects and will be inspired by the Super Bugs' bravery and determination to lend a helping hand (or wing). Whether it's ants, beetles, bumblebees, or spiders, these mighty Super Bugs will stop at nothing to keep their insect friends safe.
Itsy-Bitsy Baby Mouse book cover
Itsy-Bitsy Baby Mouse
Michelle Meadows - 2012-03-06
Goodreads Rating
Follow a curious baby mouse as he explores a huge house and tries to navigate his way back home. Michelle Meadows and Matthew Cordell tell a sweet and heartwarming story of a lost mouse, who discovers many new things while searching for familiarity. How will he find his way back? Join Itsy-Bitsy Baby Mouse on his adventure and find out in this delightful picture book.
SOS book cover
Linda Eubanks, Michelle Meadows - 2019-01-06