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Elegant Defense, An book cover

Elegant Defense, An

The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System

Matt Richtel

An Elegant Defense by Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Matt Richtel provides a grand tour of the human immune system and the secrets of health. Following the stories of a terminal cancer patient, medical marvels defying HIV, and two women with autoimmunity, Richtel expertly weaves science's centuries-long quest to unlock the mysteries of sickness and health. He illuminates the immune system like never before, exploring how this complex defense network fights illness, maintains balance, and keeps us alive. Richtel expertly guides readers through a groundbreaking investigation into cancer immunotherapy, the microbiome, and autoimmune treatments that are changing millions of lives. This profound and human tale is brought to life through the eyes of his four main characters, each of whom illuminates an essential facet of our "elegant defense."
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This book gave me a deeper, more nuanced appreciation for the system that is at the core of humanity’s fight against COVID-19 and everything our foundation’s Global Health program is trying to do.      source
Explains for the lay reader the intricate biology of our immune system.      source
Be cautious with “boosting” your immune system. If you do successfully boost, you might boost it to do something bad. Boosting immunity in excess can create side effects, including a cytokine storm. So just be prudent please. Recommend this book for more:      source