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The Blind Watchmaker book cover

The Blind Watchmaker

Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design

Richard Dawkins

Explore the theory of natural selection and evolution in The Blind Watchmaker. Richard Dawkins offers an elegant rebuttal to creationism by illustrating how Darwinian natural selection is an unconscious, automatic process. Using simple organisms to show how complexity, diversity, and beauty developed over time, he asserts that nature's "watchmaker" is blind, operating without foresight or purpose. This seminal text is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand evolution today.
Publish Date
first published in 1986
Goodreads Rating
Perhaps the best display of expository scientific prose of the twentieth century.      source
@philoinvestor @SridharanAnand There are many books on this but the ones I like the most are quite old. Selfish gene and blind watchmaker. Both by Dawkins.      source
@radioriley @RichardDawkins Yes, excellent book, also his The Blind Watchmaker.      source
If I had to pick just one self-contained book that lays out Dawkins’s philosophy and methodology, and shows his literary skills, I would have to pick this one. His most famous book is The Selfish Gene because it lays out the gene-centred view of evolution, but it’s a bit of a tough slog. All the stuff you find in it you can also find in The Blind Watchmaker.      source
If you take Dawkins "the Selfish Gene" and the "Blind Watchmaker" I mean these are marvelous books and their words in those books that are entering the English language that are gonna be in the next Oxford Dictionary. I mean these are powerful books.      source