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The Revolt of The Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium book cover

The Revolt of The Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium

Martin Gurri

In the words of economist and scholar Arnold Kling, Martin Gurri saw it coming.Technology has categorically reversed the information balance of power between the public and the elites who manage the great hierarchical institutions of the industrial age government, political parties, the media.The Revolt of the Public tells the story of how insurgen...
Publish Date
December 4
Goodreads rating
Feb 04, 2020
One of the more important and more prophetic social science books of our time.      source
Oct 09, 2020
On page 1, we do refer to @mgurri "Revolt of the Public" main thesis (quoting his 2018 edition's pp. 90-91). His argument also helps us make sense of the main result (as we discuss in section 4.2). This is indeed a great book, highly recommended!      source
Mar 18, 2021
@Fred_Dorkman You must be looking over my shoulder and reading the book I'm reading. Seriously interesting. I'm thinking about the ramifications for AI and the future of work and wny the most important part of OKRs is shutting up.      source
Apr 07, 2021
Important book by @mgurri does a good job explaining a lot of how we got here politically around the world and in the US. It was written back in 2014 (with an updated chapter in 2018) so shows a lot of longer term trends. I forget who suggested it but thanks.      source