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Chris Fralic


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Chris Fralic has been a Partner at First Round since 2006. He has focused on a number of the firm’s investments in areas such as advertising and marketing technology, social/mobile, eCommerce/travel, connected devices and gaming.
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Up from Slavery
Booker T. Washington - Oct 04, 1995 (first published in 1901)
Goodreads Rating
Born in a Virginia slave hut, Booker T. Washington (1856–1915) rose to become the most influential spokesman for African Americans of his day. In this eloquently written book, he describes events in a remarkable life that began in bondage and culminated in worldwide recognition for his many accomplishments. In simply written yet stirring passages, ...
Chris Fralic
Dec 04, 2020
The best book I ever read on non-profit fundraising was written in 1901. Also just an amazing life story.     source
The Fifth Risk
Undoing Democracy
Michael Lewis - Dec 03, 2019
Goodreads Rating
The morning after Trump was elected president, the people who ran the US Department of Energy waited to brief the administration’s transition team on the agency it would soon be running. Nobody appeared. Across all departments the stories were the same: Trump appointees were few and far between; those who did show up were shockingly uninformed abou...
Chris Fralic
Nov 07, 2020
Great book on the details of the transfer of power last time around - for sure there will be enough material for multiple books with what happens over the next 90 days.     source
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The Billionaire Who Wasn't
How Chuck Feeney Secretly Made and Gave Away a Fortune
Conor O'Clery - Aug 27, 2013
Goodreads Rating
This substantially updated edition of the Business Week bestseller and an Economist “Best Book of the year” tells the story of the secretive billionaire-turned-philanthropist, who is determined to give away his fortune before he dies.Chuck Feeney was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, to a blue-collar Irish-American family during the Depression. After ...
Chris Fralic
Sep 16, 2020
If you like the article, read the book. Great to see him finally opening up and sharing his amazing work.     source
The Psychology of Money
Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness
Morgan Housel - Sep 08, 2020
Goodreads Rating
Doing well with money isn't necessarily about what you know. It's about how you behave. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people. Money--investing, personal finance, and business decisions--is typically taught as a math-based field, where data and formulas tell us exactly what to do. But in the real world people don't make financi...
Chris Fralic
Sep 16, 2020
Very good, by @morganhousel - finishing it on Audible, bought two physical books to give away.     source
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The Upstarts
Uber, Airbnb, and the Battle for the New Silicon Valley
Brad Stone - May 15, 2018 (first published in 2017)
Goodreads Rating
ONE OF AMAZON'S BEST BOOKS OF 2017 A look deep inside the new Silicon Valley, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Everything Store. Ten years ago, the idea of getting into a stranger's car, or walking into a stranger's home, would have seemed bizarre and dangerous--yet today it is as common as ordering a book online. Companies like U...
Chris Fralic
Sep 17, 2019
Great book by @BradStone I was a little late to, but well worth it and I learned a lot - Brad had truly unique access to the CEOs of Uber and AirBnB in the early days.     source
The Last Days of Night
A Novel
Graham Moore - May 23, 2017 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
New York, 1888. Gas lamps still flicker in the city streets, but the miracle of electric light is in its infancy. The person who controls the means to turn night into day will make history--and a vast fortune. A young untested lawyer named Paul Cravath, fresh out of Columbia Law School, takes a case that seems impossible to win. Paul's client, Geor...
Chris Fralic
Aug 02, 2019
@kevinroose @VentureTypes It’s an amazing book     source
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Walk This Way
Run-DMC, Aerosmith, and the Song that Changed American Music Forever
Geoff Edgers - Feb 05, 2019
Goodreads Rating
Washington Post staff writer Geoff Edgers takes a deep dive into the story behind "Walk This Way," Aerosmith and Run-DMC's legendary, groundbreaking mashup that forever changed music. The early 1980s were an exciting time for music. Hair metal bands were selling out stadiums, while clubs and house parties in New York City has spawned a new genre o...
Chris Fralic
Jul 03, 2019
@EdGrapeNutZimm Context is from the book Walk This Way when he agreed to do a tour and open for Run DMC to help them make some money when they needed it. Great book BTW.     source
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Secrets of Sand Hill Road
Venture Capital and How to Get It
Scott Kupor - Jun 04, 2019
Goodreads Rating
A Wall Street Journal Bestseller! What are venture capitalists saying about your startup behind closed doors? And what can you do to influence that conversation?If Silicon Valley is the greatest wealth-generating machine in the world, Sand Hill Road is its humming engine. That's where you'll find the biggest names in venture capital, including fame...
Chris Fralic
Jun 19, 2019
Very very good - the real deal. I’d highly recommend to any new venture-backed founder or investor or board member. Secrets of Sand Hill Road by @skupor is the best book I’ve read on this topic.     source
The Messy Middle
Finding Your Way Through the Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Venture
Scott Belsky - Oct 02, 2018
Goodreads Rating
Entrepreneur, Chief Product Officer at Adobe, and product advisor to many of today's top start-ups Scott Belsky believes we focus too much on the start and the finish of any project, ignoring the most important part--the messy middle--where success is truly determined. Creating something from nothing is a volatile journey. The first mile births a n...
Chris Fralic
Oct 14, 2018
See ⁦@scottbelsky⁩ in Philly 11/29. The Messy Middle is a fantastic book, and Scott has a really unique perspective going from scrappy Founder to one of the best Angel Investors ever to Chief Product Officer at Adobe     source
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