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Kara Swisher


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Kara Swisher is an American technology business journalist and co-founder of Recode. She became a contributing writer to The New York Times Opinion Section in 2018. Previously she wrote for The Wall Street Journal, serving as co-executive editor of All Things Digital.
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Uncanny Valley
A Memoir
Anna Wiener - Jan 14, 2020
Goodreads Rating
The prescient, page-turning account of a journey in Silicon Valley: a defining memoir of our digital ageIn her mid-twenties, at the height of tech industry idealism, Anna Wiener—stuck, broke, and looking for meaning in her work, like any good millennial--left a job in book publishing for the promise of the new digital economy. She moved from New Yo...
Kara Swisher
Jan 06, 2020
@AmyAlex63 @GuardianUS Agreed but it is a great book and very sly     source
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Sriram Krishnan
Permanent Record
Edward Snowden - Sep 17, 2019
Goodreads Rating
Edward Snowden, the man who risked everything to expose the US government’s system of mass surveillance, reveals for the first time the story of his life, including how he helped to build that system and what motivated him to try to bring it down.In 2013, twenty-nine-year-old Edward Snowden shocked the world when he broke with the American intellig...
Kara Swisher
Oct 30, 2019
Btw @Snowden new book “Permanent Record” is quite good and surprisingly a love letter to the Internet as it was.     source
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Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of the American Conversation
Andrew Marantz - Oct 08, 2019
Goodreads Rating
From a rising star at The New Yorker , a deeply immersive chronicle of how the optimistic entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley set out to create a free and democratic internet—and how the cynical propagandists of the alt-right exploited that freedom to propel the extreme into the mainstream. For several years, Andrew Marantz, a New Yorker staff writ...
Kara Swisher
Oct 10, 2019
Me in my first ⁦⁦@nytimesbooks review on ⁦@andrewmarantz⁩ book “Antisocial” — love the book, even if it covers a trend I hate: Trolls Are Everywhere. Now What Are We Supposed to Do?     source
She Said
Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement
Jodi Kantor - Sep 10, 2019
Goodreads Rating
From the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters who broke the news of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment and abuse for the New York Times, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the thrilling untold story of their investigation and its consequences for the #MeToo movement For many years, reporters had tried to get to the truth about Harvey Weinstein's treatment...
Kara Swisher
Sep 12, 2019
I love my job making content on the Recode Decode podcast, but it is a particular pleasure when I get to talk to two of the best reporters who truly are impacting the world: @mega2e and @jodikantor of the @nytimes whose book on Weinstein “She Said” is now out. Buy it, I command.     source
Super Pumped
The Battle for Uber
Mike Isaac - Sep 03, 2019
Goodreads Rating
In June 2017, Travis Kalanick, the hard-charging CEO of Uber, was ousted in a boardroom coup that capped a brutal year for the transportation giant. Uber had catapulted to the top of the tech world, yet for many came to symbolize everything wrong with Silicon Valley.Award-winning New York Times technology correspondent Mike Isaac’s Super Pumped pre...
Kara Swisher
Aug 29, 2019
Let us all fete @MikeIsaac for his great book “Super Pumped” on @Uber     source
My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble
Dan Lyons - Mar 07, 2017 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
An instant New York Times bestseller, Dan Lyons' "hysterical" (Recode) memoir, hailed by the Los Angeles Times as "the best book about Silicon Valley," takes readers inside the maddening world of fad-chasing venture capitalists, sales bros, social climbers, and sociopaths at today's tech startups. For twenty-five years Dan Lyons was a magazine writ...
Kara Swisher
Feb 28, 2018
@DannySkarka Lots had been written about that but always a great topic. I recommend Dan Lyon’s book     source
The Trial
Franz Kafka - Oct 06, 2020 (first published in 1925)
Goodreads Rating
Written in 1914 but not published until 1925, a year after Kafka’s death, The Trial is the terrifying tale of Josef K., a respectable bank officer who is suddenly and inexplicably arrested and must defend himself against a charge about which he can get no information. Whether read as an existential tale, a parable, or a prophecy of the excesses of ...
Kara Swisher
Another book I read again and again.     source
The White Album
Essays (FSG Classics)
Joan Didion - Nov 10, 2009 (first published in 1979)
Goodreads Rating
First published in 1979, The White Album records indelibly the upheavals and aftermaths of the 1960s. Examining key events, figures, and trends of the era—including Charles Manson, the Black Panthers, and the shopping mall—through the lens of her own spiritual confusion, Joan Didion helped to define mass culture as we now understand it. Written wit...
Kara Swisher
One of my favorite books.     source
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Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Essays (FSG Classics)
Joan Didion - Oct 28, 2008 (first published in 1968)
Goodreads Rating
The first nonfiction work by one of the most distinctive prose stylists of our era, Slouching Towards Bethlehem remains, forty years after its first publication, the essential portrait of America— particularly California—in the sixties. It focuses on such subjects as John Wayne and Howard Hughes, growing up a girl in California, ruminating on the n...
Kara Swisher
I read over and over again, like three or four times a year. It’s so beautifully constructed. She’s so wise.     source
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Liz Lambert
Dag Hammarskjold - Oct 10, 2006 (first published in 1963)
Goodreads Rating
Universally known and admired as a peacemaker, Dag Hammarskjöld concealed a remarkable intense inner life which he recorded over several decades in this journal of poems and spiritual meditations, left to be published after his death. A dramatic account of spiritual struggle, Markings has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers since it was first...
Kara Swisher
I’m not a religious person but Markings really had an impact on me.     source
A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories
Ray Bradbury - Aug 30, 2005 (first published in 1952)
Goodreads Rating
A spaceship captain determined to gather a cupful of the sun. . .a nubile young witch who yearns to taste human love. . .an expedition that hunts dinosaurs across the fragile and dangerous chasm of time. . . These strange and wonderful tales of beauty and terror will transport you from the begininng of time to the outermost limits of the future. Se...
Kara Swisher
I love that Ray Bradbury story, the one where he goes back and steps on the butterfly and suddenly we have Nazis kind of thing.     source
The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr.