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Daniel Dennett

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Daniel Clement Dennett III is an American philosopher, writer, and cognitive scientist whose research centers on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and philosophy of biology, particularly as those fields relate to evolutionary biology and cognitive science.
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Trans book cover
When Ideology Meets Reality
Helen Joyce - 2021-07-15
Goodreads Rating
Trans by Helen Joyce delves into the complex issue of gender identity ideology, exploring how it has impacted laws, policies, education, sports, medical protocols, and the media. The book examines the consequences of redefining gender and the implications it has for women's rights, fairness in sports, same-sex attraction, and children's development. Through thought-provoking insights and analysis, it calls for a recommitment to liberal values like freedom of belief, freedom of speech, and robust debate. A must-read for anyone seeking to understand one of the most fraught issues of our time.
Daniel Dennett
Helen Joyce shows how the best intentions can morph into bullying in this sane, humane book. The role we all play in letting people be who they want to be is a delicate balancing act, no place for self-righteous partisans.      source
Permanent Record book cover
Permanent Record
Edward Snowden - 2019-09-17
Goodreads Rating
Discover the story of a man who risked everything to expose the US government’s system of mass surveillance in this extraordinary memoir. See how Edward Snowden helped to build the system and what motivated him to bring it down. From his childhood to his adult years as a CIA and NSA spy, and finally as a whistleblower in exile, this memoir gives a firsthand account of a digital age hero. Written with passion, wit, and an unflinching candor, this is a book that is destined to be a classic.
Daniel Dennett
I have just finished reading Edward Snowden’s book Permanent Record. Everybody should read it. Seriously. His whistleblowing is not over.      source
The Ghosts of Gombe book cover
The Ghosts of Gombe
A True Story of Love and Death in an African Wilderness
Dale Peterson - 2018-04-06
Goodreads Rating
Discover the captivating story of a young American volunteer who tragically died at Dr. Jane Goodall’s famous chimpanzee research camp in Tanzania. Through careful detail, The Ghosts of Gombe delves into the day-to-day life of the researchers and the chimpanzees in the months leading up to the death. Goodall biographer Dale Peterson explores the painful aftermath and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death, offering an in-depth examination of a timeless and haunting event.
Daniel Dennett
Check out The Ghosts of Gombe by Dale Peterson. Amazing book about chimps and chimp researchers and love and death (true story).      source
Grandmother Fish book cover
Grandmother Fish
A Child's First Book of Evolution
Jonathan Tweet - 2015-08-01
Goodreads Rating
"Grandmother Fish" explores the origins of life on Earth through engaging call-and-response text and illustrations that come to life. It explains Charles Darwin's theory of common descent in a way that is accessible to children, helping them understand their connection to all living things on the planet. The book also includes helpful backmatter for parents, such as an evolutionary tree of life and tips on explaining natural selection to children.
Daniel Dennett
Grandmother Fish, a charming book on evolution for very young children, is the perfect gift for any youngster.      source
The Labyrinth book cover
The Labyrinth
God, Darwin, and the Meaning of Life
Philip Appleman - 2014-09-23
Goodreads Rating
Explore the big questions of origin, god, evil, and the afterlife in this thought-provoking book. Philip Appleman brings a fresh perspective to these complex topics by examining them through the lens of evolutionary development and cultural history. Discover Appleman's conclusion that a life well-lived is a reward in itself, and be inspired to seek answers within yourself.
Daniel Dennett
Philip Appleman's little book, The Labyrinth: God, Darwin, and the Meaning of Life, is brilliant, humane, unsparing. Send it to friends!      source
On the Origin of Tepees book cover
On the Origin of Tepees
The Evolution of Ideas (and Ourselves)
Jonnie Hughes - 2011-08-09
Goodreads Rating
Explore the evolution of ideas and the patterns of their variation, inheritance, and selection in the cultural landscape. Join science writer and documentary filmmaker Jonnie Hughes on a tour across the Midwest to observe firsthand the natural history of ideas in the "mind islands" of Native American tribes. With wit and humor, Hughes examines the quirks of American culture from the Mall of America to Custer's last stand, discussing everything from sandwiches to the shape of cowboy hats. On the Origin of Tepees offers a unique perspective on the evolution of ideas and its impact on human culture.
Daniel Dennett
ON THE ORIGIN OF TEPEES, by Jonnie Hughes, is the best book about memes in years. Fun, too      source
The Anatomy of Violence book cover
The Anatomy of Violence
The Biological Roots of Crime
Adrian Raine - 2013-04-28
Goodreads Rating
This thought-provoking book delves into the topic of violence - exploring the possible biological and environmental reasons that contribute to the creation of a criminal brain. Through decades of research, the author presents a compelling argument for the existence of a natural born killer, backed up by surprising data, experiments, and case studies. Brace yourself for a challenging, courageous, and controversial read that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about preventing and punishing violent behavior.
Daniel Dennett
Another good book about evil is Adrian Raine's ANATOMY OF VIOLENCE, which I reviewed in PROSPECT.      source