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Stephen Kinsella

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Stephen Kinsella is an Irish economist. He is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Limerick's Kemmy Business School in Ireland and a columnist with Ireland's Sunday Business Post. He has written a number of books about the Irish economy.
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When We Cease to Understand the World book cover
When We Cease to Understand the World
Labatut Benjamin - 2021-07-01
Stephen Kinsella
Just finished this amazing book, thanks to ⁦@ipkehoe⁩ for the recommendation.      source
Faith, Hope and Carnage book cover
Faith, Hope and Carnage
Nick Cave, Seán O'Hagan - 2022-09-20
Goodreads Rating
Faith, Hope and Carnage is a book about Nick Cave’s inner life, created from over forty hours of intimate conversations with Sean O’Hagan, it is a profoundly thoughtful exploration, in Cave’s own words, of what really drives his life and creativity.The book examines questions of faith, art, music, freedom, grief and love. It draws candidly on Cave’...
Stephen Kinsella
This book is just superb. It is very, very dark as it deals with issues around loss, depression, drug addiction, and much more, but it also deals with creativity, hope, and being a brilliant artist. It's a great format not unlike @angrynomics or other dialogue type-books.      source
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Maria PopovaJason Leopold
Jerusalem book cover
The Biography
Simon Sebag Montefiore - 2012-09-18
Goodreads Rating
Jerusalem is the universal city, the capital of two peoples, the shrine of three faiths; it is the prize of empires, the site of Judgment Day and the battlefield of today’s clash of civilizations. From King David to the 21st century, from the birth of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to the Israel-Palestine conflict, this is the epic history of thr...
Stephen Kinsella
Finished @simonmontefiore's Jerusalem: The Biography. Masterwork. The epilogue should be read by everyone. Very much enjoyed the book and would highly recommend.      source
Where Is My Flying Car? book cover
Where Is My Flying Car?
J. Storrs Hall - 2021-11-30
Goodreads Rating
In Where Is My Flying Car?, engineer and futurist J. Storrs Hall sets out to answer the deceptively simple question posed in the book’s title. What starts as an exploration of the technical limitations of building flying cars evolves into an examination of the global economic stagnation that started in the 1970s. From the failure to adopt nuclear e...
Stephen Kinsella
Have been reading the excellent Where is my flying car? ( Once you become sensitised to them, you see predictions of the future everywhere. The impact on economics has been profound. Here's Aldous Huxley predicting 2000 in 1950:      source
Capitalising on Culture, Competing on Difference book cover
Capitalising on Culture, Competing on Difference
Innovation, Learning and Sense of Place in a Globalising Ireland
Finbarr Bradley, James J. Kennelly - 2009-02-23
Goodreads Rating
Stephen Kinsella
Just came across this classic book while looking for something else. Highly recommended to any ⁦@thecurrency⁩ readers interested in what a world post-corporate tax reform *could* look like, if we thought in a different way.      source
Uncanny Valley book cover
Uncanny Valley
Anna Wiener - 2020-01-01
Goodreads Rating
The prescient, page-turning account of a journey in Silicon Valley: a defining memoir of our digital ageIn her mid-twenties, at the height of tech industry idealism, Anna Wiener—stuck, broke, and looking for meaning in her work, like any good millennial—left a job in book publishing for the promise of the new digital economy. She moved from New Yor...
Stephen Kinsella
@zoebchance Books: I've been re-reading Robert Caro, starting with the Power Broker, 1 chapter a day. Salvador Dali's 50 secrets of craftsmanship is bonkers, Anna Wiener's Uncanny Valley is eye-opening. Tufte's Seeing with Fresh Eyes similarly great. Movies: Crazy, Stupid Love has held up.      source
Democracy For Sale book cover
Democracy For Sale
Dark Money and Dirty Politics
Peter Geoghegan - 2020-05-14
Goodreads Rating
'If you're concerned about the health of British democracy, read this book – it is thorough, gripping and vitally important' Oliver Bullough, author of Moneyland.Democracy is in crisis, and unaccountable and untraceable flows of money are helping to destroy it.Politicians lie gleefully, making wild claims that can be shared instantly with millions ...
Stephen Kinsella
@carolmhunt @Conor_Devine Class book. Loved it.      source
The Power Broker book cover
The Power Broker
Robert Moses and the Fall of New York
Robert A. Caro - 1975-07-12 (first published in 1974)
Goodreads Rating
One of the most acclaimed books of our time, winner of both the Pulitzer and the Francis Parkman prizes, The Power Broker tells the hidden story behind the shaping (and mis-shaping) of twentieth-century New York (city and state) and makes public what few have known: that Robert Moses was, for almost half a century, the single most powerful man of o...
Stephen Kinsella
@FeargalORourke I read the first 2 LBJs yonks ago-but tbh I love The Power Broker the most as a book. It's such a study in power.      source
Titan book cover
The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
Ron Chernow - 2004-03-30 (first published in 1998)
Goodreads Rating
John D. Rockefeller, Sr.--history's first billionaire and the patriarch of America's most famous dynasty--is an icon whose true nature has eluded three generations of historians. Now Ron Chernow, the National Book Award-winning biographer of the Morgan and Warburg banking families, gives us a history of the mogul "etched with uncommon objectivity a...
Stephen Kinsella
So you have the Jeff Bezos of his era being absolutely hammered by one of the first investigative journalists. I'd recommend reading/listening to Titan. But I'd love to see it on screen. Make it happen @Netflix.      source
Intimations book cover
Smith Zadie - 2020-01-01
Goodreads Rating
Deeply personal and powerfully moving, a short and timely series of essays on the experience of lockdown, by one of the most clear-sighted and essential writers of our timeFrom the critically acclaimed author of Feel Free, Swing Time, White Teeth and many more'There will be many books written about the year 2020: historical, analytic, political and...
Stephen Kinsella
A cool little book by Zadie Smith, with this quote from Kierkegaard on the necessity for delusions, even hypocrisies, to get us places.      source
Champagne Football by Mark Tighe
Humankind by Rutger Bregman
Factfulness by Hans Rosling
Unnatural Causes by Richard Shepherd
This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay
Extrastatecraft by Keller Easterling
On the Psychology of Military Incompetence by Norman F Dixon
Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman
The Code Book by Simon Singh
Ireland, 1912-1985 by Joseph J. Lee