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Brandon Stosuy


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Brandon Stosuy is the co-founder and editor in chief at The Creative Independent, the co-founder of the annual Basilica Soundscape festival in Hudson, NY, the co-founder of Zone 6 Gallery, and has been a music curator at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles and at MoMA PS1 in New York City
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The Pine Barrens
by John McPhee (May 01, 1978)
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Most people think of New Jersey as a suburban-industrial corridor that runs between New York and Philadelphia. Yet in the low center of the state is a near wilderness, larger than most national parks, which has been known since the seventeenth century as the Pine Barrens.The term refers to the predominant trees in the vast forests that cover the ar...
Brandon Stosuy
Jan 22, 2020
@thewrens I really love that book. It's one that I've read a bunch of times—I saw it again on a different bookshelf the other day, and so brought it back to this pile, ha. This was my mother's copy. I grew up in Chatsworth, "capital of the pines."     source