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Roger Bennett

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Roger James Bennett is a broadcaster, podcaster, and filmmaker, who has, through Men in Blazers, become one of the most prominent football broadcasters in the United States.
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Horizontal Vertigo book cover
Horizontal Vertigo
A City Called Mexico
Juan Villoro - Mar 23, 2021 (first published in 2018)
Goodreads Rating
At once intimate and wide-ranging, and as enthralling, surprising, and vivid as the place itself, this is a uniquely eye-opening tour of one of the great metropolises of the world, and its largest Spanish-speaking city. Horizontal Vertigo: The title refers to the fear of ever-impending earthquakes that led Mexicans to build their capital city outwa...
Roger Bennett
May 09, 2021
This book is incredible. Juan Villoro is such a good storyteller. Each tale stuffed with compassion, humor, and humanity. Could not love this more 🇲🇽      source
150 Glimpses of the Beatles book cover
150 Glimpses of the Beatles
Craig Brown - Oct 13, 2020
Goodreads Rating
A distinctive portrait of the Fab Four by one of the sharpest and wittiest writers of our timeIf you want to know what it was like to live those extraordinary Beatles years in real time, read this book. --Alan Johnson, The SpectatorThough fifty years have passed since the breakup of the Beatles, the fab four continue to occupy an utterly unique pla...
Roger Bennett
Feb 13, 2021
Incredible book. Craig Brown is such an intelligent storyteller. The structure of the book is as riveting as the content is vivid 🙌 #ABook      source
Memoirs of a Kamikaze book cover
Memoirs of a Kamikaze
A World War II Pilot's Inspiring Story of Survival, Honor and Reconciliation
Kazuo Odachi - Sep 15, 2020
Goodreads Rating
An incredible, untold story of survival and acceptance that sheds light on one of the darkest chapters in Japanese history.This book tells the story of Kazuo Odachi who—in 1943, when he was just 16 years-old—joined the Imperial Japanese Navy to become a pilot. A year later, he was unknowingly assigned to the Kamikaze Special Attack Corps—a group of...
Roger Bennett
Feb 03, 2021
Incredible Book. Personal narrative unlike any I have ever encountered, focusing on the futility of sacrifice. Harrowing, human read for war memoir aficionados 🙌 🇯🇵 #ABook      source
Twilight of Democracy book cover
Twilight of Democracy
The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism
Anne Applebaum - Jul 21, 2020
Goodreads Rating
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author, professor, and historian offers an expert guide to understanding the appeal of the strongman as a leader and an explanation for why authoritarianism is back with a menacing twenty-first century twist.Across the world today, from the Americas to Europe and beyond, liberal democracy is under siege while populism and...
Roger Bennett
Dec 21, 2020
The book which helped me best understand the tectonic plates shifting in the world around us      source
Breasts and Eggs book cover
Breasts and Eggs
A Novel
Mieko Kawakami - Mar 23, 2021 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Kawakami, who exploded into the cultural space first as a musician, then as a poet and popular blogger, and most importantly as a best-selling novelist, challenges every preconception about storytelling and prose style. She is currently one of Japan’s most widely read and critically acclaimed authors, heralded by Haruki Murakami as his favorite you...
Roger Bennett
Dec 21, 2020
magical storytelling about Japanese womanhood, and working class-life that is as hilarious as it is searing      source
Together in a Sudden Strangeness book cover
Together in a Sudden Strangeness
America's Poets Respond to the Pandemic
Alice Quinn - Nov 17, 2020
Goodreads Rating
In this urgent outpouring of American voices, our poets speak to us as they shelter in place, addressing our collective fear, grief, and hope from eloquent and diverse individual perspectives.As the novel coronavirus and its devastating effects began to spread in the United States and around the world, Alice Quinn reached out to poets across the co...
Roger Bennett
Dec 19, 2020
Incredible, Incredible Book 🙌      source
We Germans book cover
We Germans
A Novel
Alexander Starritt - Sep 01, 2020
Goodreads Rating
A letter from a German soldier to his grandson recounts the terrors of war on the Eastern Front, and a postwar ordinary life in search of atonement, in this “raw, visceral, and propulsive” novel (New York Times Book Review).A  New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice  In the throes of the Second World War, young Meissner, a college student with d...
Roger Bennett
Sep 12, 2020
Loved this book. A daring novel exploring whether it’s possible to “do evil without meaning to.” Empathetic, taut and morally challenging in the most thought provoking of ways 🙌      source
Caste book cover
The Origins of Our Discontents
Isabel Wilkerson - Aug 04, 2020
Goodreads Rating
The Pulitzer Prize–winning, bestselling author of The Warmth of Other Suns examines the unspoken caste system that has shaped America and shows how our lives today are still defined by a hierarchy of human divisions.“As we go about our daily lives, caste is the wordless usher in a darkened theater, flashlight cast down in the aisles, guiding us to ...
Roger Bennett
Aug 11, 2020
6 Best Books I’ve read in lockdown so far. Would love to hear yours 🙌      source
Surviving Autocracy book cover
Surviving Autocracy
Masha Gessen - Jun 02, 2020
Goodreads Rating
"The Platonic ideal of the anti-Trump Trump book." --The Washington Post "An indispensable voice of and for this moment." -Timothy Snyder, author of On TyrannyA bestselling, National Book Award-winning journalist's essential guide to understanding, resisting, and recovering from the ravages of our tumultuous times.In the run-up to the 2016 election...
Roger Bennett
Aug 11, 2020
6 Best Books I’ve read in lockdown so far. Would love to hear yours 🙌      source
What It's Like to Be a Bird book cover
What It's Like to Be a Bird
From Flying to Nesting, Eating to Singing--What Birds Are Doing, and Why (Sibley Guides)
David Allen Sibley - Apr 14, 2020
Goodreads Rating
In What It's Like to Be a Bird, David Sibley answers the most frequently asked questions about the birds we see most often. This special, large-format volume is geared as much to nonbirders as it is to the out-and-out obsessed, covering more than two hundred species and including more than 330 new illustrations by the author. While its focus is on ...
Roger Bennett
Aug 11, 2020
6 Best Books I’ve read in lockdown so far. Would love to hear yours 🙌      source
And Their Children After Them book cover
And Their Children After Them
A Novel
Nicolas Mathieu - Apr 07, 2020
Goodreads Rating
Winner of the 2018 Prix Goncourt, this poignant coming-of-age tale captures the distinct feeling of summer in a region left behind by global progress.August 1992. One afternoon during a heatwave in a desolate valley somewhere in eastern France, with its dormant blast furnaces and its lake, fourteen-year-old Anthony and his cousin decide to steal a ...
Roger Bennett
Aug 11, 2020
6 Best Books I’ve read in lockdown so far. Would love to hear yours 🙌      source
Cool Town by Grace Elizabeth Hale
The Last Taxi Driver by Lee Durkee
The Damned Utd by David Peace
Bring the Noise by Raphael Honigstein
The Wall by John Lanchester
The Border by Don Winslow
Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino
Turbulence by David Szalay
Places and Names by Elliot Ackerman
Rise and Kill First by Ronen Bergman
Ohio by Stephen Markley
The Only Story by Julian Barnes
The Future Is History by Masha Gessen
Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy World by Richard Scarry
Beastie Boys Book by Michael Diamond
Belonging by Nora Krug
Waiting for Eden by Elliot Ackerman
One Clear Ice Cold January Morning by Roland Schimmelpfennig
A Life Too Short by Ronald Reng
Turtles All the Way Down by John Green
The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievich
The Return by Hisham Matar
The World to Come by Jim Shepard
Faith of Our Families by James Corbett