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Dave Winer

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Dave Winer is an American software developer, entrepreneur, and writer who resides in New York City. Winer is noted for his contributions to outliners, scripting, content management, and web services, as well as blogging and podcasting.
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Allow Me to Retort book cover
Allow Me to Retort
A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution
Elie Mystal - 2022-01-11
Goodreads Rating
"Allow Me to Retort" by Elie Mystal is a thought-provoking book that challenges many Republican beliefs about the First and Second Amendments, death penalty, police violence against people of color, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and other crucial political topics. Mystal, a commentator and lawyer, offers an easily digestible argument primer that showcases his trademark humor, snark, and legal expertise. Regardless of your legal background, "Allow Me to Retort" will help you understand how the Fourteenth Amendment can make the white supremacist policies illegal again.
Dave Winer
If you read this book it'll turn your head around.      source
Whole Earth book cover
Whole Earth
The Many Lives of Stewart Brand
John Markoff - 2022-03-22
Goodreads Rating
Explore the fascinating life of iconic visionary Stewart Brand, from his involvement with the counterculture and creation of the influential Whole Earth Catalog, to his commitment to environmentalism and pragmatic embrace of technology. Written by technology and society chronicler John Markoff, this biography delves into Brand's contradictions and powerful influence on California culture and the wider world. With his emphasis on direct power and planetary consciousness, Brand's story is one that will inspire readers to reimagine how we live on this planet.
Dave Winer
I remember reading it at my uncle's house in florida, totally off the grid little geodesic he made himself. i loved the Whole Earth book because it seemed like my uncle. an engineer and hippie. he was another big influence in my eclectic, jumping where my mind wanted to go.      source
Microserfs book cover
Douglas Coupland - 1995-01-01
Goodreads Rating
This book follows a group of ambitious young computer programmers at Microsoft, who are frustrated with the grind of long hours and little personal life. Despite their high-tech lives, they struggle to find meaning and purpose while working under the shadow of Bill Gates' omnipotent presence. A thoughtful exploration of ambition, identity and relationships in the modern era.
Dave Winer
BTW, the best Silicon Valley novel ever imho was Microserfs. After you read the book, it programs you to think you're *in* the book. Amazing how complete the virtuality was.      source
Breaking Windows book cover
Breaking Windows
How Bill Gates Fumbled the Future of Microsoft
David Bank - 2001-07-31
Goodreads Rating
Discover the epic battle for the soul of Microsoft in "Breaking Windows." Journalist David Bank draws on exclusive interviews and documents to reveal the bitter divide between defenders of Windows and supporters of the internet's "open standards." Learn about the key players, including Bill Gates, and how their clash of ideologies continues to shape Microsoft and the tech industry today. This ambitious and insightful book offers a rare inside perspective on the past and future of one of the world's most influential companies.
Dave Winer
The best book on Microsoft was written by David Bank, and unfortunately almost no one read it because it came out the week of 9/11. But if you want to know what really happened it's authoritative imho.      source
How the South Won the Civil War book cover
How the South Won the Civil War
Oligarchy, Democracy, and the Continuing Fight for the Soul of America
Heather Cox Richardson - 2020-04-01
Goodreads Rating
This thought-provoking book challenges the notion that the North's victory in the Civil War brought about true democracy and equality. Instead, the defeated South's system moved westward and established a new birth of white male oligarchy, despite constitutional advances. The book traces the story of the American paradox and the competing claims of equality and subordination woven into the nation's fabric and identity. The author debunks the myth that the Civil War released the nation from the grip of oligarchy and reveals how the Old South thrived in the West.
Dave Winer
Heather Cox Richardson's book, which I'm just starting, appears to be the history of America that they didn't teach us in school.      source
Klara and the Sun book cover
Klara and the Sun
A novel
Kazuo Ishiguro - 2021-03-02
Goodreads Rating
This intriguing novel follows the story of Klara, an Artificial Friend with exceptional observation skills. From her perch in a storefront, Klara watches the behavior of customers and passersby, hopeful that someone will choose her. Written by a Nobel Prize-winning author, Klara and the Sun offers a thrilling perspective on our changing world and begs the question: What does it mean to love?
Dave Winer
@om I just finished it, loved the book.      source
A People's History of the United States book cover
A People's History of the United States
Howard Zinn - 1995-01-01 (first published in 1980)
Goodreads Rating
Explore American history from the perspective of the people who shaped it, in this groundbreaking book. A People's History of the United States throws out the official narrative and focuses on the struggles and triumphs of everyday Americans, including women, factory workers, African-Americans, Native Americans, and immigrant laborers. From the fight for fair wages to the battle for women's rights, this book explores the grassroots movements that shaped our country. With lively prose and scholarly research, this classic bestseller is a must-read for anyone who wants to truly understand America's past and future.
Dave Winer
I started reading People's History of America and it was just what I was looking for. After this, I want to read the equivalent book about the Jews in Europe. I have very little idea what that was about other than it was rough and didn't end well. ;-)      source
The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 1 book cover
The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 1
Fundamental Algorithms, 3rd Edition
Donald E. Knuth - 1997-07-07 (first published in 1973)
Goodreads Rating
A must-read for computer programmers, this book is considered the bible of all fundamental algorithms. It's the go-to reference for software developers looking to learn about basic programming concepts, information structures, system design, and more. Written in an engaging and accessible style, this book is a treasure trove of simple and important algorithms, techniques, and concepts that can help readers become better programmers. With a foreword by Bill Gates and endorsements from top industry experts, this book is sure to inspire and challenge programmers of all skill levels.
Dave Winer
When I was a grad student, Knuth's book on algorithms was our handbook. His "boundary tag method" was the design I used for Frontier's object database.      source