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Colin Dickey

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Colin Dickey is an American author, curator, and critic whose work deals with ghosts, death, and haunting, and explores how these symbols function as metaphors. He was the Managing Director of the Morbid Anatomy Museum and is a member of The Order of the Good Death. He currently teaches at National University
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Feral City book cover
Feral City
On Finding Liberation in Lockdown New York
Jeremiah Moss - 2022-10-04
Goodreads Rating
The pandemic lockdown of 2020 launched an unprecedented urban experiment. Traffic disappeared from the streets. Times Square fell silent. And half a million residents fled the most crowded city in America. In this innovative and thrilling book, author and social critic Jeremiah Moss, hailed as “New York City’s career elegist” (New York Times), expl...
Colin Dickey
I’ve just started @jeremoss’s Feral City but my god, it is so, so good. Cannot recommend this book enough…to the few people left here on this site      source
White Magic book cover
White Magic
Elissa Washuta - 2021-04-27
Goodreads Rating
Throughout her life, Elissa Washuta has been surrounded by cheap facsimiles of Native spiritual tools and occult trends, “starter witch kits” of sage, rose quartz, and tarot cards packaged together in paper and plastic. Following a decade of abuse, addiction, PTSD, and heavy-duty drug treatment for a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder, she felt drawn...
Colin Dickey
This book is amazing,@elissawashuta.      source
The Sobbing School book cover
The Sobbing School
Joshua Bennett - 2016-09-27
Goodreads Rating
Selected by Eugene Gloria as a winner of the National Poetry Series    The Sobbing School, Joshua Bennett’s mesmerizing debut collection of poetry, presents songs for the living and the dead that destabilize and de-familiarize representations of black history and contemporary black experience. What animates these poems is a desire to assert life, a...
Colin Dickey
These were my favorite books read in 2020: @SirJoshBennett, The Sobbing School @aminamemory, Indelicacy M Cappello, Lecture M Davey, Index Cards A Kavan, Machines in the Head Kluge/Richter, Dispatches from Moments of Calm @Lenora_DW, Fire on the Water F Wilderson, Afro-pessimism      source
Fire on the Water book cover
Fire on the Water
Sailors, Slaves, and Insurrection in Early American Literature, 1789-1886 (Transits
Lenora Warren - 2019-06-07
Lenora Warren tells a new story about the troubled history of abolition and slave violence by examining representations of shipboard mutiny and insurrection in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Anglo-American and American literature. Fire on the Water centers on five black sailors, whose experiences of slavery and insurrection either in...
Colin Dickey
Closing out an intolerable year with a stellar book: @Lenora_DW’s Fire on the Water: Sailors, Slaves, and Insurrection in Early American Literature, 1789-1886      source