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Manisha Thakor

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An ardent financial literacy advocate for women, Manisha is the co-author of two critically acclaimed personal finance books: ON MY OWN TWO FEET: a modern girl's guide to personal finance and GET FINANCIALLY NAKED: how to talk money with your honey.
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Manic book cover
A Memoir
Terri Cheney - 2008-02-05
Goodreads Rating
Experience the unarticulated madness of bipolar disorder in this riveting memoir. Successful Beverly Hills entertainment lawyer Terri Cheney reveals the dangerous secret she spent her life concealing – debilitating bipolar disorder. Cheney describes her life on a roller-coaster of devastating highs and extreme lows with shocking honesty, taking the reader on a visceral journey through her experiences with mania and depression. Manic is a harrowing yet hopeful read - a testament to the sharp beauty of a life lived in extremes.
Manisha Thakor
#whatimreadingnow - I can’t stress enough just how valuable this book, “Manic” , a memoir by @tcheneyauthor is for individuals who struggle with mental illness - whether it’s a personal struggle, or the struggle of someone in your life. Pick-up a copy today!      source
I Didn't Do the Thing Today book cover
I Didn't Do the Thing Today
Letting Go of Productivity Guilt
Madeleine Dore - 2022-01-11
Goodreads Rating
Release the guilt of productivity with "I Didn't Do the Thing Today." Madeleine Dore interviews creative experts to uncover the secret to productivity, only to discover there is more value in each day than what we accomplish. This book explores the various ways we encounter productivity guilt and offers reprieve from our obsession with doing. When we take judgment away, we can step fully into our lives and find more connection, creativity, and curiosity. A must-read for anyone caught in the busyness trap or stifled by indecision.
Manisha Thakor
I just 💛 this book. For those of us being crushed by a never ending pressure to “do more, be more, achieve more” author Madeleine Dore gives us a permission slip to stop fighting and instead, embrace the messiness and uncertainty of life. #whatimreadingnow      source
The Practice of Groundedness book cover
The Practice of Groundedness
A Transformative Path to Success That Feeds--Not Crushes--Your Soul
Brad Stulberg - 2021-09-07
Goodreads Rating
Discover a more sustainable model for success in The Practice of Groundedness. Author Brad Stulberg shares habits and practices for achieving genuine success through groundedness - valuing presence over rote productivity, prioritizing long-term fulfillment, and embracing vulnerability. Drawing from ancient wisdom traditions and modern science, Stulberg teaches readers about patience, wise observation, and the importance of deep community. With provocative insights, this book offers a much-needed remedy to the burnout epidemic caused by our obsession with outward success.
Manisha Thakor
@behaviorgap Amen to that! Am reading Brad Stulberg's book The Practice of Groundedness which is like a breath of fresh air. Also, EVERY time I look at one of your drawings it's like a mini-meditation... they are calming and invigorating at the same time. Hope you are thriving. Sending hugs!      source
Decoding Greatness book cover
Decoding Greatness
How the Best in the World Reverse Engineer Success
Ron Friedman - 2021-06-15
Goodreads Rating
Discover the game-changing approach to mastering new skills and succeeding faster with Decoding Greatness. Award-winning social psychologist Ron Friedman reveals the staggering power of reverse engineering – the ability to look beyond what is evident on the surface and find a hidden structure – with eye-opening examples of top performers from various fields. With actionable strategies and unforgettable stories, this book is an indispensable guide to learning from the best, improving your skills, and sparking breakthrough ideas.
Manisha Thakor
#WhatImReadingNow: The most amazing book by my friend @RonFriedman. It's called DECODING GREATNESS: how the best in the world reverse engineer success. Trust me, you'll want to read this book. My full thoughts here...      source
The Feel Rich Project book cover
The Feel Rich Project
Reinventing Your Understanding of True Wealth to Find True Happiness
Michael F. Kay - 2016-06-22
Goodreads Rating
Transform your beliefs and feelings about money to live your best life. The Feel Rich Project analyzes your history and emotions towards money to help you redirect your life towards what you truly want. Develop your own action plan, replacing destructive money habits with those that support your vision of a happy life. This inspirational yet practical guide is perfect for anyone seeking meaning and joy.
Manisha Thakor
#WhatImReadingNow: "The Feel Rich Project" by Michael Kay, CFP @FinLifeFocus [POWERFUL book, highly recommend] #fb      source