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Argeneau Series

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Love Bites book cover
A Quick Bite book cover
Single White Vampire book cover
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A Quick Bite book cover
Book 1
A Quick Bite
Lynsay Sands - 2005-10-25
Goodreads Rating
This sexy vampire romance follows Lissianna, a centuries-old vampire pining for Mr. Right, who finds herself tied to a delicious-looking man in her bed. But her tendency to faint at the sight of blood could put a damper on their romantic night. Can Dr. Gregory Hewitt find true love with a vampire vixen or will he be just a good meal?
Love Bites book cover
Book 2
Love Bites
Lynsay Sands - 2004-01-06
Goodreads Rating
This book tells the story of Etienne, a three-hundred-year-old bachelor who must choose whether to turn a human into an immortal mate or risk being alone forever. When he saves the life of Rachel, a beautiful but unfamiliar coroner, he decides to turn her into an immortal. Rachel wakes up bewildered and naked, only to find that she has been turned into a vampire by the man of her dreams. This is a story of romance and immortality that will leave you intrigued until the very last bite.
Single White Vampire book cover
Book 3
Single White Vampire
Lynsay Sands - 2003-09-01
Goodreads Rating
A romance publisher is determined to break out a reclusive author, despite little desire for publicity. When she finally convinces him to attend a romance convention to meet fans, she soon realizes his "romances" are more like biographies - and that her neck is literally on the line.
Tall, Dark & Hungry book cover
Book 4
Tall, Dark & Hungry
Lynsay Sands - 2004-07-06
Goodreads Rating
A British woman flies to New York to help plan her cousin's wedding and ends up staying with her strange new in-laws. From a chipper yet brooding vampire to a singing-and-dancing Dracula, she meets some truly interesting characters. But it's the tall, dark, and hungry Bastien who catches her eye. Will she give in to her own hunger and stay with him, or risk being bitten by the blood-sucking hotel owners?
A Bite to Remember book cover
Book 5
A Bite to Remember
Lynsay Sands - 2006-06-27
Goodreads Rating
" A Bite to Remember" by Lynsay Sands is a thrilling vampire romance novel where Private investigator Jackie Morrisey is here to stop a killer from turning Vincent into dust. As the rule goes, never get involved with someone who won't be there for you when the sun comes up. Things get complicated when Jackie discovers Vincent's charming personality and his incredible kissing skills. Will she be able to resist his charm and complete her mission?
Bite Me If You Can book cover
Book 6
Bite Me If You Can
Lynsay Sands - 2007-01-30
Goodreads Rating
A woman becomes a vampire after an attack in the early hours of the morning. Lucian, a hunter of rogue vampires, is tasked with educating her on the world of immortality, all while trying to stop a dangerous bloodsucker from destroying the human race. With humor, passion, and danger, this book is a thrilling ride into the undead.
The Accidental Vampire book cover
Book 7
The Accidental Vampire
An Argeneau Novel
Lynsay Sands - 2007-12-26
Goodreads Rating
This book is about a newly turned vampire named Elvi Black who is struggling to navigate her new life. When her mortal friends can't help her, she turns to an experienced vampire, Victor Argeneau, who teaches her the ways of being undead. Together, they must fight to keep Elvi safe from those who want to end her immortal existence. This story is full of romance, danger, and the supernatural.
Vampires are Forever book cover
Book 8
Vampires are Forever
An Argeneau Novel
Lynsay Sands - 2008-01-29
Goodreads Rating
Unsure of whether vampires really exist, Inez Urso is caught off guard when her business partner, Thomas Argeneau, shows some unusual traits - including a strange sensitivity to sunlight and a sudden urge to bite her neck. Despite her best efforts to keep things professional, Inez can't help but be drawn to Thomas, who has been waiting for someone like her for over two hundred years. Will she succumb to his immortal charms?
Vampire, Interrupted book cover
Book 9
Vampire, Interrupted
An Argeneau Novel
Lynsay Sands - 2008-02-26
Goodreads Rating
An immortal P.I.'s first case leads to a dangerous encounter with a sword-wielding attacker. Luckily, her handsome new protector is also her lifemate. But can they survive long enough to find a happily-ever-after? Vampire, Interrupted is perfect for fans of paranormal romance and thrilling adventures.
The Rogue Hunter book cover
Book 10
The Rogue Hunter
Lynsay Sands - 2008-09-30
Goodreads Rating
Get ready for a thrilling ride with a workaholic lawyer who just wants to get away from it all. But when she meets her irresistibly mysterious new neighbor, she's sucked into a world of vampire hunters and rogue vampires. Will she find love along the way?
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