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Bloodlines Series

Bloodlines books in order

Rose's story might have wrapped up in the Vampire Academy series, but there's still lots more to tell about the other characters from that world. This spin-off series centers around Sydney the Alchemist, a human teen who's part of a group to keep the existence of vampires secret from the world. Sydney's spent her entire life being taught that vampi…
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Bloodlines book cover
Book 1
Richelle Mead - 2011-08-23
Goodreads Rating
This supernatural novel follows Sydney, an alchemist who protects vampire secrets and human lives. When she's asked to act as bodyguard to a Moroi queen's sister and live with her as her roommate in a human boarding school, Sydney's future is on the line. But as threats and forbidden romance emerge, the drama is only just beginning.
The Golden Lily book cover
Book 2
The Golden Lily
A Bloodlines Novel
Richelle Mead - 2012-06-12
Goodreads Rating
This book follows Sydney Sage, an Alchemist tasked with protecting a Moroi princess. As Sydney gets closer to the princess and her allies, she starts to question everything she's been taught as an Alchemist. Her world becomes even more complicated as she discovers she may hold the key to prevent becoming one of the fiercest vampires. With a new romance and a shocking secret threatening the vampire world, Sydney's loyalties are tested like never before. Will she trust the Alchemists or follow her heart?
The Indigo Spell book cover
Book 3
The Indigo Spell
Richelle Mead - 2013-02-12
Goodreads Rating
Discover a forbidden world of magic and mystery in this captivating novel. A young woman struggles to reconcile her Alchemist teachings with her heart's desires when she is tempted by a former Alchemist on the run. As she navigates the dangerous world of magic, she must learn to embrace her own power or risk becoming the next target of a powerful, evil magic user.
The Fiery Heart book cover
Book 4
The Fiery Heart
A Bloodlines Novel
Richelle Mead - 2013-11-19
Goodreads Rating
This captivating book follows Sydney Sage, a human Alchemist tasked with protecting the secrets of vampires and humans alike. After making a life-changing decision in the previous installment, Sydney is still struggling to navigate her new reality while keeping her profound magical ability a secret. Pulses will race as Sydney battles passion, vengeance, and the threat of exposure in this thrilling fourth installment of the bestselling Bloodlines series. No secret is safe in this suspenseful read.
Silver Shadows book cover
Book 5
Silver Shadows
A Bloodlines Novel
Richelle Mead - 2014-07-29
Goodreads Rating
In this thrilling fifth installment of the NY Times bestselling Bloodlines series, Sydney Sage, an Alchemist, risks everything to protect vampire secrets and human lives. After an event that shook their world, Sydney and Adrian must piece together the fragments and find a way back to each other. As they battle old demons and new temptations, their worst fears become reality in this heart-pounding tale of love and survival. Don't miss out on this gripping page-turner.
The Ruby Circle book cover
Book 6
The Ruby Circle
A Bloodlines Novel
Richelle Mead - 2015-02-10
Goodreads Rating
In this thrilling conclusion to a bestselling series, Alchemist Sydney Sage and her vampire beau, Adrian, must face the wrath of their respective communities. When someone they love is in danger, they will risk it all to protect them and uncover a shocking secret about spirit magic that could change everything. Don't miss this unforgettable finale - love will conquer all.