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Covenant Series

Covenant books in order

Spin-off: Titan series."Extras" are not considered books on Goodreads unless formally published. Please do not add them.
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Half-Blood book cover
Book 1
Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2011-10-18
Goodreads Rating
Descendants of gods and mortals, the Hematoi hold godlike powers, but half-bloods have no such luck. Seventeen-year-old Alexandria faces a choice: become a Sentinel or a servant. Alex prefers the dangerous life of a Sentinel, but at the Covenant school, relationships between pures and halfs are strictly forbidden, and she can't resist the hot pure-blood Aiden. But graduation is the only way to avoid becoming prey for the daimons, and failure means a fate worse than death. Discover the thrilling world of Half-Blood.
Pure book cover
Book 2
The Second Covenant Novel (Covenant Series Book 2)
Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2012-04-03
Goodreads Rating
This book follows Alexandria, a young woman destined to become a supernatural electrical outlet. Her connection with fellow supernatural Seth has benefits, but she finds herself drawn to the forbidden Aiden. As daimons infiltrate their world, they find themselves facing a mysterious threat and forced to make decisions with consequences that cannot be undone.
Deity book cover
Book 3
The Third Covenant Novel (Covenant Series Book 3)
Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2012-11-06
Goodreads Rating
This thrilling YA novel follows Alexandria, who isn't sure she'll make it to her Awakening before a fanatical order kills her. With training from Seth and protection from Aiden, she's drawing closer to her fate, but a startling revelation puts her love and loyalty to the test. When the gods reveal themselves, lives will change forever, and Alexandria will need to decide if love can truly overpower Fate.
Apollyon book cover
Book 4
The Fourth Covenant Novel (Covenant Series Book 4)
Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2013-04-04
Goodreads Rating
In this thrilling novel, Fate is not to be messed with, and Alex knows it all too well. She's always feared losing herself to the Awakening and being forced to take the Elixir, until love becomes more important than anything. Aiden St. Delphi will do anything to bring her back, even if it means going against the gods and risking her life. The power struggle continues with Seth, who wants Alex's power to become the God Killer, leaving destruction in his path. Together, Alex and Aiden must navigate the Underworld to find a way to stop the devastation, but the odds are against them. Will Alex become the God Killer, or will she be able to prevent Seth from becoming one?
Sentinel book cover
Book 5
The Fifth Covenant Novel (Covenant Series Book 5)
Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2013-11-02
Goodreads Rating
This dramatic sequel follows Alexandria Andros as she faces a stunning defeat in the ongoing battle between mortals and gods. Doubtful of their ability to end the war, Alex must partner with a deadly foe to release one of the most dangerous gods of all time from the depths of the Underworld. As the thrilling saga reaches a climax, Alex must decide between saving those she loves or sacrificing everything she holds dear.