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Templeverse Series

Templeverse books in order

This series lists the intermingling of the books in Templeverse according to their internal chronology. includes these series:* The Temple Chronicles* Feathers and Fire* The Phantom Queen Diaries
Blood Debts book cover
Obsidian Son book cover
Grimm book cover
34 books in series
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Obsidian Son book cover
Book 1
Obsidian Son
A Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller (Nate Temple Series)
Shayne Silvers - 2015-09-28 (first published in 2012)
Goodreads Rating
Alternative cover editions for this ISBN can be found here & here.To do list: Cow-tip the Minotaur. Cure a reptile dysfunction.My name is Nate Temple, and I’m secretly a wizard. I ride a foul-mouthed unicorn, I drink with Achilles, and I’m pals with the Four Horsemen. I’ve even cow-tipped the Minotaur. I understand the theory of following the rules...
Blood Debts book cover
Book 2
Blood Debts
Nate Temple Series Book 2
Shayne Silvers - 2015-11-14
Goodreads Rating
An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here.A Wizard, an Angel, and a Horseman of the Apocalypse walk into a bar…The ancient pact between mankind, Heaven, and Hell has been broken. And Nate Temple’s quest for vengeance may have just kicked off Armageddon. So, time to grab a stiff drink…or maybe four.Already plagued with sinister ni...
Grimm book cover
Book 3
Nate Temple Series Book 3
Shayne Silvers - 2016-08-25
Goodreads Rating
An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here.Assassination contracts don’t make good wedding proposals.Sharing a beer with Death—one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse—really put a few things into perspective for this foul-mouthed, billionaire wizard. Like finally getting the stones to propose to his girlfriend.But the Brothers ...
Silver Tongue book cover
Book 4
Silver Tongue
Nate Temple Series Book 4
Shayne Silvers - 2016-12-01
Goodreads Rating
An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here.Fairy Tales are very literal survival guides. Ignore them at your peril…Nate Temple has gotten away with a lot in recent years: cow-tipping the Minotaur, decimating a gang of weredragons, sucker-punching Angels, and eating pancakes with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He’s kidnapped ...
Beast Master book cover
Book 5
Beast Master
Nate Temple Series Book 5
Shayne Silvers - 2017-02-28
Goodreads Rating
An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here.Nate's To-Do List: De-pants Ganesh. Drop-kick the Fae Queens in the chesticles. Shut down a Monster Circus.Oh, and host Friendsgiving for his guests—an Angel, Achilles, and Death, just to name a few. Easy-Peasy...But the Beast Master has come to town, and he's kidnapping shifter kids for ...
Tiny Gods book cover
Book 6
Tiny Gods
Nate Temple Series Book 6
Shayne Silvers - 2017-05-29
Goodreads Rating
An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here. Power is patient, power is kind… No, wait. That’s not right. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely… Just ask Nate’s ex-fiancée. It’s almost this wizard’s birthday, so, he can cry if he wants to. That is, if he lives to see it…Because a lot of people want him dead: his fi...
Unchained book cover
Book 7
Feathers and Fire Book 1
Shayne Silvers - 2018-05-02 (first published in 2017)
Goodreads Rating
Meet Callie Penrose. Is she Heaven’s Devil, or Hell’s Angel? Callie is a middle-class, Midwest American girl. And a wizard in training. She works for Roland, a member of the Vatican Shepherds – an elite group of twelve warrior priests who travel the world smiting whatever offends them or their Good Lord.One problem. Callie isn’t a huge fan of churc...
Rage book cover
Book 8
Feathers and Fire Book 2
Shayne Silvers - 2017-10-11
Goodreads Rating
Hell hath no fury like Callie Penrose… Ever since Callie – the Vatican’s rookie monster hunter – killed a demon a few weeks ago, Kansas City’s been eerily quiet.But she soon learns it’s just the calm before the storm.Because werewolves begin abducting young women in Kansas City, and a new church opens its doors, pronouncing death to all idols, incl...
Wild Side book cover
Book 9
Wild Side
Nate Temple Series Book 7
Shayne Silvers - 2017-08-28
Goodreads Rating
An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here.To become a Godkiller you have to awaken the monster inside you…Almost a year has passed since Nate’s ex-fiancée woke up a Greek god intent on world domination and war. The problem? He doesn’t know which god. And the promised war hasn’t started yet.With the Four Horsemen refusing to help,...
War Hammer book cover
Book 10
War Hammer
Nate Temple Series Book 8
Shayne Silvers - 2017-11-26
Goodreads Rating
An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here.Two old dudes want to kill me. Oh, and one of them is my ancestor…And after centuries of practice, they’re pretty good at the whole murder thing. But at least they want to kill each other just as badly.Now, I’ve taken down a Greek Goddess, worn a Horseman’s Mask, and I ride a homicidal un...
Whispers book cover
Shayne Silvers - 2018-01-11
Whiskey Ginger by Shayne Silvers
Nine Souls by Shayne Silvers
Cosmopolitan by Shayne Silvers
Angel's Roar by Shayne Silvers
Old Fashioned by Shayne Silvers
Dark and Stormy by Shayne Silvers
Horseman by Shayne Silvers
Moscow Mule by Shayne Silvers
Sinner by Shayne Silvers
Witches Brew by Shayne Silvers
Legend by Shayne Silvers
Salty Dog by Shayne Silvers
Black Sheep by Shayne Silvers
Godless by Shayne Silvers
Knightmare by Shayne Silvers
Ascension by Shayne Silvers
Sea Breeze by Shayne Silvers
Hurricane by Shayne Silvers
Brimstone Kiss by Shayne Silvers
Carnage by Shayne Silvers
Anghellic by Shayne Silvers
Moonshine by Shayne Silvers
Trinity by Shayne Silvers