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KJ is a writer of romance, mostly m/m, historical or fantasy or both. She blogs about writing and editing at She lives in London, UK, with her husband, two kids, and a cat of absolute night.Twitter the lively Facebook group at up to the (infrequent) newsletter at **do not** message me on Goodreads as I no longer check the inbox due to unwanted messages.
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Flight of Magpies book cover
Flight of Magpies
KJ Charles - 2017-11-10 (first published in 2014)
Goodreads Rating
Danger in the air. Lovers on the brink.With the justiciary understaffed, a series of horrifying occult murders to be investigated, and a young student flying off the rails, magical law enforcer Stephen Day is under increasing stress. And the strain is starting to show in his relationship with his aristocratic lover, Lord Crane.Crane chafes at the r...
A Case of Possession book cover
A Case of Possession
KJ Charles - 2017-11-10 (first published in 2014)
Goodreads Rating
Magic in the blood. Danger in the streets.Lord Crane has never had a lover quite as elusive as Stephen Day. He knows Stephen’s job as justiciar requires secrecy, but the magician is doing his disappearing act more than seems reasonable—especially since Crane will soon return to his home in China. When a blackmailer threatens to expose their illicit...
Any Old Diamonds book cover
Any Old Diamonds
KJ Charles - 2019-01-30
Goodreads Rating
Lord Alexander Pyne-ffoulkes is the younger son of the Duke of Ilvar, with a bitter grudge against his wealthy father. The Duke intends to give his Duchess a priceless diamond parure on their wedding anniversary—so Alec hires a pair of jewel thieves to steal it. The Duke's remote castle is a difficult target, and Alec needs a way to get the thieves...
Think of England book cover
Think of England
KJ Charles - 2017-11-15 (first published in 2014)
Goodreads Rating
Lie back and think of England…England, 1904. Two years ago, Captain Archie Curtis lost his friends, fingers, and future to a terrible military accident. Alone, purposeless and angry, Curtis is determined to discover if he and his comrades were the victims of fate, or of sabotage.Curtis’s search takes him to an isolated, ultra-modern country house, ...
A Seditious Affair book cover
A Seditious Affair
A Society of Gentlemen Novel (Society of Gentlemen Series Book 2)
KJ Charles - 2015-12-15
Goodreads Rating
K. J. Charles turns up the heat in her new Society of Gentlemen novel, as two lovers face off in a sensual duel that challenges their deepest beliefs.  Silas Mason has no illusions about himself. He’s not lovable, or even likable. He’s an overbearing idealist, a Radical bookseller and pamphleteer who lives for revolution . . . and for Wednesday nig...
The Sugared Game book cover
The Sugared Game
KJ Charles - 2020-08-26
Goodreads Rating
It's been two months since Will Darling saw Kim Secretan, and he doesn't expect to see him again. What do a rough and ready soldier-turned-bookseller and a disgraced shady aristocrat have to do with each other anyway?But when Will encounters a face from the past in a disreputable nightclub, Kim turns up, as shifty, unreliable, and irresistible as e...
A Gentleman's Position book cover
A Gentleman's Position
A Society of Gentlemen Novel (Society of Gentlemen Series Book 3)
KJ Charles - 2016-04-05
Goodreads Rating
Power, privilege, and the rigid rules of class leave two hearts yearning for connection in the sizzling new Society of Gentlemen novel from K. J. Charles.  Among his eccentric though strictly principled group of friends, Lord Richard Vane is the confidant on whom everyone depends for advice, moral rectitude, and discreet assistance. Yet when Richar...
Band Sinister book cover
Band Sinister
KJ Charles - 2018-10-11
Goodreads Rating
Sir Philip Rookwood is the disgrace of the county. He’s a rake and an atheist, and the rumours about his hellfire club, the Murder, can only be spoken in whispers. (Orgies. It’s orgies.)Guy Frisby and his sister Amanda live in rural seclusion after a family scandal. But when Amanda breaks her leg in a riding accident, she’s forced to recuperate at ...
The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting book cover
The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting
KJ Charles - 2021-02-24
Goodreads Rating
Robin Loxleigh and his sister Marianne are the hit of the Season, so attractive and delightful that nobody looks behind their pretty faces. Until Robin sets his sights on Sir John Hartlebury’s heiress niece. The notoriously graceless baronet isn’t impressed by good looks, or fooled by false charm. He’s sure Robin is a liar—a fortune hunter, a card ...
Jackdaw book cover
KJ Charles - 2017-11-09 (first published in 2015)
Goodreads Rating
If you stop running, you fall.Jonah Pastern is a magician, a liar, a windwalker, a professional thief…and for six months, he was the love of police constable Ben Spenser’s life. His betrayal left Ben jailed, ruined, alone, and looking for revenge.Ben is determined to make Jonah pay. But he can’t seem to forget what they once shared, and Jonah refus...
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