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Gödel, Escher, Bach

An Eternal Golden Braid

Douglas R. Hofstadter

Douglas Hofstadter's book is concerned directly with the nature of “maps” or links between formal systems. However, according to Hofstadter, the formal system that underlies all mental activity transcends the system that supports it. If life can grow out of the formal chemical substrate of the cell, if consciousness can emerge out of a formal syste...
Publish Date
February 5
First Published in 1979
Goodreads rating
Jul 10, 2016
@PatrickWStanley amazing book, but good luck finishing it 😉.      source
Feb 11, 2020
📚 Here are the books I recommend reading most:      source
Over the years, I kept finding myself returning to its insights, and each time I would arrive at them at a deeper level.      source
Apr 15, 2020
@wordsbyana totally unstructured: but if you actually want to fall in love with maths, Godel Escher Bach (Hofstadter) is the best book on the subject, bar none.      source
Jun 25, 2020
@owocki whenever i get asked a book to recommend, "gödel, escher, bach" always tops the list in my mind.      source
Dec 29, 2020
@nickcammarata Godel escher bach is pretty beautiful. IIRC douglass learned typesetting manually to lay out the book just as he wanted it. More recently - this is a wonderful book      source
May 07, 2017
A book about Mind, disguised as treatise on Formal Systems and Reasoning, camouflaged as work on Beauty, ultimately talking about Mind... ❤      source
Feb 03, 2021
@t0nyyates @Gilesyb @jdportes Strong recommend. It's also the kind of book you can dip in and out of.      source