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Prisoners of Geography book cover

Prisoners of Geography

Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World (1) (Politics of Place)

Tim Marshall

In this New York Times bestseller, updated for 2016, an award-winning journalist uses ten maps of crucial regions to explain the geo-political strategies of the world powers—“fans of geography, history, and politics (and maps) will be enthralled” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram).Maps have a mysterious hold over us. Whether ancient, crumbling parchments o...
Publish Date
First Published in 2015
Goodreads rating
Ten maps that tell you everything you need to know about global politics, by Time Marshall. This is a good idea superbly executed. The book explains the world starting with geography, which in many ways is an idea of a starting point. It explains Russia, Ukraine, Kashmir, Tibet, Iraq, all through the rich lands of the map.      source
The world's cultures and politics are this way because of geography : oceans, rivers, mountains, deserts, farmable land, etc. Fascinating for me because I'd never looked at this world this way before.      source
This is a great book and by far the best thing I have read for a while. If you are curious about the world in which we live, geopolitics or just fancy something a little different, you couldn’t do much better than this. Coffee optional! @Itwitius 👏🏻 #prisonersofgeography      source
"Prisoners of Geography" is one of my all time favourite geography books. A must for anyone interested in geopolitics or maps. Best book out there to give you a big picture overview of our world. #SimonReadsBooks Amazon: GoodReads:      source
@KKulthum This was part of the book i read in January this year. It was an impressive peice of book. I love it. I read it twice. It is already in my library. Thank you for this recommendation.      source