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Rob Delaney

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Rob Delaney is an American comedian, actor, writer, and activist. He is widely known as the co-star and co-writer of the TV show Catastrophe, as well as for minor roles in blockbuster action-comedy films like Deadpool 2, and Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw.
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Prisoners of Geography book cover
Prisoners of Geography
Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World (1) (Politics of Place)
Tim Marshall - 2015-07-09
Goodreads Rating
This acclaimed book examines how geography shapes global politics, using ten crucial regions to explain the strategies of world powers. The author provides unique perspectives on Russia, China, the US, Latin America, and more, exploring how each country's physical characteristics impact their leadership and decision-making. Whether through ancient maps or Google Earth, this compelling read reveals how geography always plays a role in shaping our world.
Rob Delaney
Just read Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall (@Itwitius), pub. 7 yrs ago, & it really makes CNN et al. look terrible w/ their “What’s going on it Putin’s mind?? Impossible to know!” stuff. As ever, history BLINDINGLY illuminates the present. Good book!      source
Independent People book cover
Independent People
Halldor Laxness - 1997-01-14 (first published in 1934)
Goodreads Rating
"Independent People" by Halldor Laxness is a timeless masterpiece that won the author the 1955 Nobel Prize in Literature. This epic novel set in early twentieth-century Iceland follows Bjartur of Summerhouses, an ordinary sheep farmer with an unwavering thirst for independence. The story is both heroic and bleakly comic, as father and daughter engage in an intense battle of wills that is both harsh and touching. This richly detailed and emotionally charged narrative is a stirring homage to Iceland's medieval epics and classic literature like Sigrid Undset's "Kristin Lavransdatter". "Independent People" is a must-read for any book lover looking to journey deep into a compelling story.
Rob Delaney
Independent People by Halldór Laxness is kicking my ass in. Easily, easily one of the best books I’ve ever read. Like Knut Hamsun & Alice Munro, he is a worthy recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Luxuriate!      source
No One Is Talking About This book cover
No One Is Talking About This
A Novel
Patricia Lockwood - 2021-02-16
Goodreads Rating
Experience a unique and urgent exploration of the social media landscape with this genre-defying book. Follow a woman who grapples with an unshakable conviction that a vast chorus of voices is now dictating her thoughts, while existential threats loom. As reality collides with the increasingly absurd antics of the portal, the woman confronts a world that seems to contain both empathy and injustice. Written in a fragmentary and omniscient style, No One Is Talking About This offers a profound meditation on love, language, and human connection from a singular voice in American literature.
Rob Delaney
I just finished @TriciaLockwood’s newest book. I love it with my heart & normal people are also loving it & nominating it for awards. Now you read it:      source
Carter Beats the Devil book cover
Carter Beats the Devil
Glen David Gold - 2002-09-18 (first published in 2001)
Goodreads Rating
Experience the world of illusion and magic with Charles Carter, also known as Carter the Great. This young master performer's skill surpasses even that of the legendary Houdini. But when he is faced with his greatest stunt yet, starring President Warren G. Harding, Carter's reputation is put on the line. Filled with historical references of the Roaring Twenties and pre-Depression America, immerse yourself in this complex and illuminating tale of a man's journey through a magical and dangerous world where illusion is the key to everything.
Rob Delaney
@FrankenTer @BBCTwo I’ve recommended before I’m sure. Love that book.      source
Recommended by
Amy Winehouse
The Jakarta Method book cover
The Jakarta Method
Washington's Anticommunist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that Shaped Our World
Vincent Bevins - 2020-05-19
Goodreads Rating
Explore the shocking hidden history of the United States' involvement in wanton slaughter across Indonesia, Latin America, and beyond. In his bold and comprehensive new history, Vincent Bevins uncovers how the U.S. government helped the Indonesian military kill one million innocent civilians in 1965 - a pivotal moment in the Cold War. The Jakarta Method sheds light on the disturbing legacy that spans the globe and reveals how the brutal extermination of unarmed leftists was a fundamental part of Washington's final triumph in the Cold War.
Rob Delaney
Great book. I’m muscular & thus was able to read the hardcover. If a lighter weight version is more your speed, now’s your time.      source
October book cover
The Story of the Russian Revolution
China Miéville - 2017-05-09
Goodreads Rating
Explore the unbelievable story of how Russia went from an autocratic monarchy to the first socialist state in world history in just nine months in February and October of 1917. From Nobel Prize nominee China Miéville, this book delves into the intricate details of the individuals and forces that made this epic transformation possible. Meet familiar names such as Lenin and Trotsky and their opponents like Kornilov and Kerensky, while exploring the squabbles of urban activists and forgotten villages. This is not just a political event of lasting consequence but also a captivating story of passion and drama, perfect for those new to the events.
Rob Delaney
Tremendous book! @VersoBooks      source
The Lying Life of Adults book cover
The Lying Life of Adults
Elena Ferrante - 2020-09-01 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
"The Lying Life of Adults" by Elena Ferrante is a compelling coming-of-age novel that explores the complexities of self-discovery and identity. Protagonist Giovanna struggles with her changing appearance and the notion that she may be turning into her despised Aunt Vittoria. In her search for truth, Giovanna navigates the conflicting worlds of refined and vulgar Naples. Author Elena Ferrante, a widely celebrated and influential writer, delivers another captivating and unforgettable story that is sure to leave a lasting impression.
Rob Delaney
Just finished this fuckin incendiary device of a book. YOWZA. Treat yourself.      source
Recommended by
Waleed Shahid
How to be a Parent book cover
How to be a Parent
Philippa Perry - 2020-02-04 (first published in 2019)
Goodreads Rating
Discover how to be a great parent in "How to be a Parent" by Philippa Perry. With advice from a psychotherapist, this book teaches you how to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and create functional relationships with your children. Learn how to navigate the bigger picture of parenting and ensure your kids grow up feeling secure and happy. Say goodbye to traditional parenting books and hello to this refreshing and sage guide.
Rob Delaney
I really like this book & recommend it if you’re a parent.      source
Recommended by
Richard Osman
Lincoln in the Bardo book cover
Lincoln in the Bardo
A Novel
George Saunders - 2017-02-14
Goodreads Rating
In "Lincoln in the Bardo," the Civil War has begun, and President Lincoln's son, Willie, tragically dies at the age of eleven. Author George Saunders takes this historical event and transforms it into a vivid and unforgettable story of familial love and loss that transcends time and reality. Within the "bardo," a Tibetan transitional state, young Willie's soul is fiercely contested by ghosts, resulting in a thrilling exploration of humanity's ability to love in the face of mortality. This bold and daring novel is a testament to the power of fiction and a must-read for those seeking an imaginative and thought-provoking work of literature.
Rob Delaney
@AyeshaASiddiqi Frankenstein is perhaps my favorite book about grief. Lincoln in the Bardo is glorious as well. I read them during acute grief and they helped me. ❤️      source
Hannibal Rising book cover
Hannibal Rising
Thomas Harris - 2006-12-05
Goodreads Rating
This chilling novel delves into the origins of one of the most infamous literary villains of all time. Hannibal Lecter emerges from the horrors of the Eastern Front as a young boy, haunted by his past. Taken in by his uncle in France, Hannibal is able to flourish and even becomes the youngest person ever admitted to medical school. But his demons still torment him, and as he discovers new gifts, he becomes the prodigy of death. Explore the evolution of evil in this haunting new classic.
Rob Delaney
@ElDu Hannibal the movie is not good! (In my opinion). Book is silly/baroque. To my surprise I enjoyed Hannibal Rising book. Haven’t seen film.      source
Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian
The Boy from the Woods by Harlan Coben
Crippled by Frances Ryan
Once More We Saw Stars by Jayson Greene
The Show That Never Ends by David Weigel
The Outsider by Stephen King
Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans by Brian Kilmeade
Alan Partridge by Alan Partridge
The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante
Duck, Death and the Tulip by Wolf Erlbruch
Billy, Me & You by Nicola Streeten
Michael Rosen's Sad Book by Michael Rosen
Ten In The Bed by Penny Dale