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The Biggest Bluff book cover

The Biggest Bluff

How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win

Maria Konnikova

A non-poker player with a Ph.D. in psychology becomes a professional poker player with the help of a Poker Hall of Fame inductee. Through her journey, she gains insights on life, human behavior, and how to distinguish between what can and can't be controlled. Along the way, she wins big, but more importantly, she learns that accepting luck and focusing on how to play bad cards can lead to a successful outcome.
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The Biggest Bluff – fascinating read on control, chance, and how the psychology of poker illuminates the art of thriving through uncertainty, from the endlessly insightful @mkonnikova      source
This week, I'm sharing a short daily video about my favorite books of 2020. First up . . . The Biggest Bluff by @mkonnikova.      source
If you want to read a really smart book, by a really smart woman, who’s doing something really unusual, read #TheBiggestBluff by @mkonnikova. She’s a professional poker player with a PHD. C’mon. That’s cool.      source
The best depiction yet of the game I love.      source
Along with "The Biggest Bluff" by @mkonnikova, @colsonwhitehead's terrific book "The Noble Hustle" has inspired me to want to learn to play poker. Wish me luck.      source
Just finished @mkonnikova brilliant new book, so well done. I think it will have wide appeal, but also a must read for any poker player. Here’s the link to preorder:      source
Just finished "The Biggest Bluff" by @mkonnikova. I'm a fan of all of Maria's writing, and this was fantastic--best poker book I ever read, but also one of the best books on the psychology of decision-making. Tons of fun too.      source
12. The Biggest Bluff by Maria Konnikova. A gripping book about a novice becoming a pro-poker player but also an excellent meditation on how mastering our irrational beliefs about chance and risk can make us more effective in any endeavour.      source