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Liv Boeree

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Olivia "Liv" Boeree is a British poker player, television presenter, speaker & writer. She is a World Series of Poker and 2010 European Poker Tour champion, and is the only female player in history to win a WSOP bracelet and EPT event.
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Inadequate Equilibria book cover
Inadequate Equilibria
Where and How Civilizations Get Stuck
Eliezer Yudkowsky - 2017-11-15
Goodreads Rating
When should you think that you may be able to do something unusually well?Whether you’re trying to outperform in science, or in business, or just in finding good deals shopping on eBay, it’s important that you have a sober understanding of your relative competencies.The story only ends there, however, if you’re fortunate enough to live in an adequa...
Liv Boeree
(I learned most of this from @ESYudkowsky ‘s Inadequate Equilibria book, an amazing read)      source
Surface Detail book cover
Surface Detail
Iain M. Banks - 2011-05-01 (first published in 2010)
Goodreads Rating
Surface Detail Book Description It begins in the realm of the Real, where matter still matters. Lededje Ybreq is one of the Intagliated, her marked body bearing witness to a family shame, her life belonging to a man whose lust for power is without limit. Prepared to risk everything for her freedom, her release, when it comes, is at a price, and to ...
Liv Boeree
Just finished reading “Surface Detail”, part of the Culture series by Iain M Banks. If you like your sci-fi intense, dark and sexy, it’s for you.      source
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Elon Musk
Novacene book cover
The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence (The MIT Press)
James Lovelock - 2019-08-27
Goodreads Rating
The originator of the Gaia theory offers the vision of a future epoch in which humans and artificial intelligence together will help the Earth survive.James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia hypothesis and the greatest environmental thinker of our time, has produced an astounding new theory about future of life on Earth. He argues that the Anthropocene...
Liv Boeree
☝️This was inspired by James Lovelock’s incredible short book “Novacene” that just came out and I recommend highly      source
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Stewart Brand
Superforecasting book cover
The Art and Science of Prediction
Philip E. Tetlock - 2016-09-13 (first published in 2015)
Goodreads Rating
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE ECONOMIST "The most important book on decision making since Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow."--Jason Zweig, The Wall Street JournalEveryone would benefit from seeing further into the future, whether buying stocks, crafting policy, launching a new product, or simply...
Liv Boeree
@PTetlock one of the best rationality books i've ever read, I recommend it in many of my talks :)      source
The Big Picture book cover
The Big Picture
On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself
Sean Carroll - 2017-05-16 (first published in 2016)
Goodreads Rating
The instant New York Times bestseller about humanity's place in the universe--and how we understand it."Vivid...impressive....Splendidly informative."--The New York Times "Succeeds spectacularly."--Science"A tour de force."--Salon Already internationally acclaimed for his elegant, lucid writing on the most challenging notions in modern physics, Se ...
Liv Boeree
Favourite reads of 2018: Fiction: Three Body Problem (trilogy) Non Fiction: The Big Picture Blog Post:      source
The Three-Body Problem book cover
The Three-Body Problem
Cixin Liu - 2016-01-12 (first published in 2006)
Goodreads Rating
The Three-Body Problem is the first chance for English-speaking readers to experience this multiple award winning phenomenon from China's most beloved science fiction author, Liu Cixin.Set against the backdrop of China's Cultural Revolution, a secret military project sends signals into space to establish contact with aliens. An alien civilization o...
Liv Boeree
Favourite reads of 2018: Fiction: Three Body Problem (trilogy) Non Fiction: The Big Picture Blog Post:      source
Thinking in Bets book cover
Thinking in Bets
Making Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All the Facts
Annie Duke - 2019-05-07 (first published in 2018)
Goodreads Rating
Poker champion turned business consultant Annie Duke teaches you how to get comfortable with uncertainty and make better decisions as a result.In Super Bowl XLIX, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made one of the most controversial calls in football history: With 26 seconds remaining, and trailing by four at the Patriots' one-yard line, he called for a p...
Liv Boeree
@scott_seiver @AnnieDuke Because (in this order): a) the book is really good and I believe it is a net positive for the world if people read it and b) I have heard both sides of the story unlike almost everyone else which, with all due respect Scott, you haven’t.      source
Doing Good Better book cover
Doing Good Better
How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference
William MacAskill - 2015-07-28
Goodreads Rating
Most of us want to make a difference. We donate our time and money to charities and causes we deem worthy, choose careers we consider meaningful, and patronize businesses and buy products we believe make the world a better place. Unfortunately, we often base these decisions on assumptions and emotions rather than facts. As a result, even our best i...
Liv Boeree
This book is essential reading if you wanna figure out how to do good stuff for the world, I highly recommend:      source
The Biggest Bluff book cover
The Biggest Bluff
How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win
Maria Konnikova - 2020-06-23
Goodreads Rating
How a New York Times bestselling author and New Yorker contributor parlayed a strong grasp of the science of human decision-making and a woeful ignorance of cards into a life-changing run as a professional poker player, under the wing of a legend of the gameIt's true that Maria Konnikova had never actually played poker before and didn't even know t...
Liv Boeree
The best depiction yet of the game I love.      source
How to Actually Change Your Mind Rationality book cover
How to Actually Change Your Mind Rationality
From AI to Zombies)
Eliezer Yudkowsky - 2018-12-13
Goodreads Rating
“I believe that it is right and proper for me, as a human being, to have an interest in the future, and what human civilization becomes in the future. One of those interests is the human pursuit of truth, which has strengthened slowly over the generations (for there was not always science). I wish to strengthen that pursuit further, in this generat...
Liv Boeree
I came away feeling like I’d finally found the tools with which to understand both myself and the world around me.      source
The Passion Trap by Dean C. Delis